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    the unfortunate Coco McDonald

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    I love Coco!
    Some surnames make it really tough to choose a first name and I feel the pain of these parents...I'm projecting here but my guess is they loved coco so much they had to use it...and paired with McDonald or smith it was their fav and they went with it! When I think McDonald I'm more likely to think "had a farm" so coco doesn't give me the fast food impression so much.

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    That fn, ln combo isn't the best. I kind of like Coco though, because there's a British presenter (Cherry Healey) with the cutest daughter called Coco, even my mum likes it. But Coco McDonald sounds a bit like the name of a television host for some reason.
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    I've never been crazy about names like Coco, Kitty or Honey, but, I suppose they're all comparable to Millie, Tilly and Daisy on my own lists

    It's not that unfortunate. I would class Jamie Oliver's children in the 'unfortunately named' category;

    Daisy Boo Pamela - love Daisy, don't mind Pamela, but why Boo?!
    Poppy Honey Rosie - too much 'ee'; but I love Poppy and Rosie
    Petal Blossom Rainbow - nauseatingly, tooth rotting sweet
    Buddy Bear Maurice

    It looks like his son got the best deal, then Poppy, then Daisy, then poor little Petal.

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    So... Petal Blossom Rainbow is maybe my favorite guilty pleasure name ever. It is EXACTLY what I would have wanted for myself as a little girl. I understand that Petal will someday wear this name as an adult and may truly hate her parents' whimsy (it's a gamble I would never enter into with my own kid), but I sincerely hope that she grows up with a ton of self confidence and loves it for life.

    That said, it does make Coco McDonald seem pretty tame.

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