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    I don't understand the appeal of nicknames. I've never used them, and I can only think of one or two friends who had one if we wanted to shorten their names. But, if I was pregnant and looking for names, I would consider the nicknames that may be used for each name. For example, I love the name Alistair but hate the nickname Al. If I find a nickname I think is cute it's a major plus; I won't have to cringe every time the nn is used. I would hope that I could just stick with calling my children pet names at home (e.g., sweetie, honey) and have their full name used by everyone else

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    I don't mind nicknames, but I'm not really into them, the way some posters are (choosing the nickname before the full name). It makes sense that sometimes names get intuitively shortened, or you want to call a little kid by a shorter name. Personally, I like to think about the potential nicknames of names that I like, but I choose based on the name itself. I wouldn't, however, choose a name if I really disliked the most commonly used nickname (e.g., if I liked Stephen, but hated Steve) because though the child MAY choose forever not to use a nickname, there's also the chance that s/he will like it. My parents got all weird when I decided to go by Maggie, but really, Margaret is MY name and not theirs, and I can choose whichever nickname option I want for it.

    I also wouldn't choose a full name just for the nickname if I intended to use the nickname 95% of the time. I would call a little Miriam Mimi sometimes, especially as a little kid, but I wouldn't introduce her as Mimi or call her that all the time. If you want everyone to call your kid by a nickname, it makes more sense to use that as the full name.
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    I think there are full-length names which are appropriate for the child as an adult, but for which a nn would be better suited when the child is still small. Reasons include the child learning to pronounce and spell. Also, some kids like their nickname. I do think it is unfortunate, however, when a child is named something long and astute, and everyone calls them by an assumed nickname that the child nor the parents chose. For example, my cousin is Theodore. He aims to be called Theodore. Everyone calls him Ted, Teddy or Theo. He is correcting folks constantly.

    Also knew a William who would scoff at being called Will, Bill, Willy, Billy or anything else.

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    I'm going to be honest, nicknames, for me, are also an excuse to get more names in there. Love Carlotta and Cara? Use them both. I also don't mind 'out there' options (Lux for Alexis, just to name a previous example) - in my opinion, nicknames shouldn't have to make sense to anyone but the nicknamer and nicknamee since they are a term of endearment usually.

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