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    The Silver Family

    Peter Joseph Silver (46)
    Olivia Rebecca Silver (37) {Liv}

    Grace Isabelle Silver (8)
    Oscar Jospeh Silver (7)
    Frederick James Silver (4) {Freddie}

    The Harrison Family

    Daniel Alexander Harrison {Danny}
    Nia Catrin Harrison

    Scarlett Indira Harrison (10)
    Jasper Xavier Harrison (8)

    The Arthurs Family

    Megan Charlotte Arthurs (34)
    Mollie Sofia Arthurs (6)

    The Gomez Family

    Marc Guillermo Gomez (42)
    Claudia Maria Gomez (46)

    Rosa Isabel Maria Gomez (12)
    Xavier Adrian Gomez (10)
    Ruben Guillermo Gomez (8)

    The Hart Family

    Nicolas Jordan Hart (44) {Nick}
    Isaiah Kobe Hart (7)

    The Brady-Nora Family

    Caitlin Julia Brady (34)
    Madelyn Louise Nora (36) {Maddie}
    Violet Amelia Brady-Nora (5)
    ♥ Scarlett ♥ Alice ♥ Holly ♥ Isobel ♥ Mia ♥ Olivia ♥ Sadie ♥ Rose ♥ Darcy ♥ Isla ♥

    + Dylan + Hayden + Noah + Jasper + Elliot + Oscar + Finn + Dax + Harvey + Maddox +

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    West Midlands, UK
    The Silver Family:
    Dad: Brian Thomas Silver
    Mum: Gloria Maria {Pedrosa} Silver

    D: Jessica Louise Silver
    S: Brandon Samuel Silver
    S: Daniel James Silver

    Brian (45) and Gloria (36) with: Jessa (9), Brandon (6), and Danny (4).

    The Harrison Family:
    Dad: Michael Robert Harrison
    Mum: Grace Jordan Harrison

    D: Camille Jenna Harrison
    S: Lewis Aiden Harrison

    Michael (40) and Grace (42) with: Cami (8), and Lewis (6).

    The Arthur Family:
    Mum: Gemma Grace Arthur

    D: Samantha Rose Arthur

    Gemma (26) with: Sam (5).

    The Gomez Family:
    Dad: Mohammed Gomez
    Mum: Gabriela Maria Gomez

    S: Ali Gabriel Gomez
    D: Elena Maria Gomez
    S: Mohammed Luis Gomez

    Mo (39) and Gabi (45) with: Ali (10), Lena (9), and Luis (6).

    The Hart Family:
    Dad: Alfonso Hart

    S: Kyler Merritt Hart

    Alf (42) with: Kyler (6).

    The Brady-Nora Family:
    Mum: Tabitha Mary Nora [brunette]
    Mum: Lauren Eleanor Brady [blonde]

    AD: Peyton Amber Brady-Nora [adopted aged: 4mo]

    Tabs (40) and Lauren (35) with: Peyton (4).


    My Family:
    Mum: Maxine Sunset Fronge

    S: Tobias Henry Johnson
    D: Rose Eleanor Johnson
    D: Alexandra Mary Johnson
    S: Sebastian Drew Johnson
    D: Margot Vivienne Johnson
    S: Jeremy Arthur Johnson
    S: Atticus James Johnson

    Max (39) with: Tobias (16), Rose (15), Allie (13), Seb (7), Margot (5), Jem (3), and Atticus (8mo).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    We recently moved and the kids are attending a small private school in rural West Virginia, our family of 8 goes to open house to meet the kid's teachers. Being such a small school we get to meet all of the other families.

    Our Family:
    Connor(40), Elizabeth(38), Carter(12), Lia(11), Bryn(9), Eden(8), Alexander "Alex" (7), Logan (5)

    The Silver Family:
    Dave(35), Maria(29), Kinley(8), Sean(8), Atticus(5)

    The Harrison Family:
    James(39), Marsha(47), Janelle(10), Roscoe(7)

    The Arthur's Family:
    Amanda(25), Remi(6)

    The Gomez Family:
    Mamood(42), Fatima(39), Joshua "Josh"(12), Jolie(10), Jacob "Jake" (7)

    The Hart Family:
    Darnell(27), Jackson(5)

    The Brady-Nora Family
    Christine(35), Sasha(32), Emily(5)

    Kindergarden- Atticus Silver, Jackson Hart, Emily Brady-Nora, Logan Livingstone

    1st- Remi Arthur

    2nd- Roscoe Harrison, Jacob "Jake" Gomez, Alexander Livingstone "Alex"

    3rd- Kinley Silver, Sean Silver, Eden Livingstone

    4th- Bryn Livingstone

    5th- Jolie Gomez, Janelle Harrison

    6th- Lia Livingstone

    7th- Joshua "Josh" Gomez, Carter Livingstone

    Miss Tuttle's Kindergarden Class
    Brady-Nora, Emily (5)
    Hart, Jackson (5)
    Livingstone, Logan (5)
    Silver, Atticus (5)

    Miss Franta's 1st & 2nd Grade
    Arthur, Remi (6)
    Gomez, Jacob "Jake" (7)
    Harrison, Roscoe (7)
    Livingstone, Alexander "Alex" (7)

    Miss Moran's 3rd & 4th Grade
    Livingstone, Bryn (9)
    Livingstone, Eden (8)
    Silver, Kinley (8)
    Silver, Sean (8)

    Miss Caylen's 5th,6th & 7th
    Gomez, Jolie (10)
    Gomez, Joshua "Josh" (12)
    Harrison, Janelle (10)
    Livingstone, Carter (12)
    Livingstone, Lia (11)

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    The Silver Family
    Carl Michael and Georgina Nicole
    -James Michael (7)
    -Amelia Nicole (6)
    -Luca Carl (4)
    Carl, Georgie, James, Meely and Luca

    The Harrison Family
    Robert Davis and Katy Raine
    -Elizabeth Sofiya (10)
    -Joseph Amre (8)
    Rob, Katy, Betsy and Joe

    The Arthurs Family
    Maya Emilia Claire
    -Cara Genevieve Joy (5)
    Maya and Cara

    The Gomez Family
    Juan Miguel and Maria Carise
    -Isabella Maria/Antonio Miguel (12)
    -Tomas Luke (9)
    Juan, Maria, Bella, Tonio and Tomas

    The Hart Family
    Scott Micah
    -Elijah John (8)
    Scott and Elijah

    The Brady-Nora Family
    Tina Lee and Katya Rose
    -Tabitha Jane (6)
    name-obsessed british teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun

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    Dec 2011
    The Silver Family:
    DH: John Dallas
    DW: Christina Elyse
    DD: Audra Nicole
    DS: Nico Harris
    DS: Dallas James

    The Harrison Family:
    DH: Michael Douglas
    DW: Sabrina Claire
    DD: Angelica Sheriee
    DS: Anthony Michael

    The Arthurs Family:
    Mom: Kaitlyn Nicole
    DD: Savannah Leigh

    The Gomez Family:
    DH: Tomas Juarez
    DW: Marisol Sofia
    DD: Antonia Maria
    DS: Javier Santiago
    DS: Matteo Jesus

    The Hart Family:
    Dad: DaMarcus Anthony
    DS: Zacarius Bradley

    The Brady-Nora Family:
    DW: Wynne Nicole
    DW: Jocelyn Michelle
    DD: Madelyn Alivia

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