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    Rebekah is the original from the Hebrew Ribkah/Rivka
    , its my middle and i love this spelling and the history behind it. from all ive researched, translating the original Hebrew never uses 'c' as seen in Ribka/Rivka - never seen it Ribca/Rivca

    From the original Hebrew 'Ribkah', possible meanings are "bound with rope" "ensnarer", "a noose".
    From the Arabic, rabqat, "a tie-rope for animals," suggests that as a name it means the beauty by means men are snared or bound.
    The root is found in Hebrew only in the noun meaning "stall" in the phrase "fatted calf" or "calf of the stall". In view of the meaning of names like Rachel and Eglah the name Rebekah might well mean a "tied-up calf or lamb" one peculiarly choice and fat, suggesting that as a name it refers to her being a prime choice as a wife, as the Biblical Rebekah was for Issac.

    Rebecca is the more popular spelling but it doesnt have the same flow, visually or when written (the alternating 'tall' letters)
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    Both spellings can be found in the Bible, depending on the translation. They're both ancient spellings, but Rebekah just looks tryndee to me. I like Rebecca much better.
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    Rebecca. Rebekah seems harsh to me.

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    I prefer Rebecca. It sounds softer than Rebekah to me. I've also had negative associations with a Rebekah in the past, although she's pleasant to me now. But that would still make me veto Rebekah if I was considering it for a future child, since she is the first person I think of whenever I hear the name.
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