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    I don't know if I would call these the "strangest" names ever but they certainly are interesting...

    Summer Day. Seriously.

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    It isn't strange, but I don't think I've ever hated any other name as much as I hate the one my friend is set on for her son: Blaze. All I can think of is the internet expression 420blazeit.

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    Well, I once taught siblings named Reality and Jihad. Reality has a certain charm, but Jihad probably won't be a great name to have at the top of a resume. I've also had a Jesuis (brother Jecroix, so I think it's inspired by religion,) a Tazrian (lovely name and a brilliant girl) and a Tavar, and that's just off the top of my head.

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    I haven't met these people, but my both my parents are doctors and came across these two at the hospital:

    Pajama (Paj-uh-may)

    My dad called her name when she was the next patient up, and pronounced it Pajama, as in sleep clothes. She, a little six year old, marched up to him with her hands on her hips and announced "It's PAJ-UH-MAY!"

    Urine (Yur-een)

    ...yeah. Urine. She worked at the hospital.

    I do, however, know an Yvenoushka and a C'Meijah, both girls. Yvenoushka, popularly known as Noush, has six siblings. I only remember two of their names: Kendrew and Yvetslana.
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    I came across a couple in my studies who were into Old English/Anglo-Saxon names (they were Linguists who looked at Language change) and their children were:

    Eadgyth (Eadgyð) the Old English form of Edith
    Aelfraed (Ælfræd) OE Alfred
    Ealdraed (Ealdræd) a name really not used after the Normans came, which they pronounce el-dred

    kind of crazy, their middle names were OE names too, although not quite as out there:
    Aebbe (Æbbe)
    Cuthberht (OE Cuthbert)
    Hereweald (OE Harold)

    They told me if they had another daughter they would name her Mildþryð (Mildthryth) which is the OE form of Mildred. As much as I love my linguistics, I would never do this to my kids. Poor things will be forever spelling their names, not to mention that they need a special font just to write them!
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