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Thread: too picky?

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    too picky?

    Here I am again.
    I want to know if I am being too picky and need to lower my stanards.
    I have 3 weeks to due date, and we have not even come up with one name we agree with. And we each only have 1 or 2 names we even like.
    Sex of baby is unknown.
    This is our last baby, so last chance to pick a name. I really want something I am in love with. I like normal, but not common names. For a girl nothing ending in an "ee" sound as almost every girl born in my area in the last 3 years has the "ee" sound at the end. I am also trying to avoid an "a" at the end as middle name will likely be Anne. However I really like the names Eliza, Isla, and Jayna.
    For a boy, I have no idea. His middle name will likely be Grey. My husband likes Brodie.
    We have three boys whose names are Jesse, Owen, and Shea.
    I do prefer shorter names, although if I fall in love with a long name I would use it.
    I thank you for your previous suggestions but nothing has struck a chord. I have read endless lists and am just plain old stuck.
    If you have any suggestions please share them, or if you think I am being too picky let me know

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    When it comes to your child's name, there's probably no such thing as too picky! I apologize, but I really don't know what's been suggested previously, so I'll just list a few combos that came to mind as I read your post.

    Girl possibilities:

    Martha Anne
    Catherine Anne
    Sabrina Anne
    Sabine Anne
    Frances Anne
    Lorelei Anne
    Meredith Anne
    Ingrid Anne
    Celia Anne
    Juniper Anne
    Phoebe Anne
    Eloise Anne

    Boy possibilities:

    Boden Grey
    Damon Grey
    Remington Grey
    Arthur Grey
    Lionel Grey
    Matthew Grey
    Terrance Grey
    Oliver Grey
    Chauncey Grey
    Martin Grey
    Fenwick Grey
    Nathan Grey
    Tobias Grey
    Victor Grey
    1 amazing son: Theodore Isaac
    Why yes, I probably should be working!

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    What about using Anne as a fn? Brodie Grey is a good combination and fits with your sibset.

    Some other possibilities:

    Jesse, Owen, Shea, and

    Blythe Anne
    Carys Anne
    Enid Anne
    Grace Anne
    Iris Anne
    Lark Anne
    Lois Anne
    Margot Anne
    Rose Anne
    Sybil Anne
    Violet Anne

    Clark Grey
    Elias Grey
    Ezra Grey
    Finn Grey
    Levi Grey
    Luke Grey
    Neil Grey
    Paul Grey
    Ward Grey

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    I love the suggestions of Carys Anne and Levi Grey. Brodie is cute but I like the other spelling - Brody.

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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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