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    Sawyer - cute seeing this used
    Ulysses- awesome seeing this one
    Marissa - reminds me of a book
    Patience -interesting seeing this one used
    Sarabeth -is kinda cute

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    South Carolina at last!
    Thomas- Always made me think of Thomas the Train
    Noah- Too popular
    Tyler- Not bad
    Connor- I like this
    Dustin- Used to like this
    Zander- Okay
    Ryan- Okay
    Jacob- Too popular
    Caleb- Nice
    Ty- Prefer Tyler
    Reegan- Reagan is better
    Joshua- Josh is okay
    Kaiden- I don't like this spelling
    David- Ugh every David I've met has been the most annoying little * ever!
    Damion- Damian or Damien is better
    Sawyer- I love this!
    Cody- Not bad
    Hayden- Eh
    Kenny- This is okay
    Hunter- Okay
    Cade- Not bad
    Nick- Eh...
    Zachary- Nice name
    Braiden- Worse than Brayden
    Tate- Very nice!
    Kyev (end of 3rd grade)- Uh huh and how do you say that?
    Bradyn (start of 2nd grade)- Never mind, I'll take Braiden!
    Benjamin- Super old
    Brodey- Brody is better
    Mason- Not bad
    Daltyn- Dalton is better
    Ethan- Little overused
    Dylan- I like this
    Steven- Eh, not my fave
    Gage- This has grown on my lately
    Maddox- I like this
    Jonathan- I like this name now
    Jack- Really growing on me!
    Sean- Love this spelling!
    Trever- Trevor is better
    James- I love this as a middle name but it's very nice for a first
    Alex- Nice
    Parker- I have bad associations
    Aydin- Can anyone spell Aidan right?!
    Daniel- Eh, a little boring
    Aiden- Closer...
    Donald- Maybe for a 50 year old...
    Ulysses- This barely worked for the president...

    Delaney- Very cute!
    Anna- Simple, yet sweet
    Kristina- Not sure how I feel about this
    Sky- I like this more with an E at the end
    Riley- Okay
    Lily- A little too popular for me, I prefer Lila
    Abigail- My name!
    Caitlyn- I only like Caitlin
    Olivia- Ugh, this is done
    Hannah- I've never liked this name but it's honestly not bad
    Maiya- I like Maia and Maya but not Maiya
    Abrielle- Brielle on its own is nicer
    Samantha- This name sounds like it was made for a rich girl
    Marissa- Okay
    Alexis- I like this
    Emily- Ugh
    Miranda- This is really nice
    Krissy- Maybe as a nickname...
    Victoria- Eh
    Natalie- I like this
    Makala- Is this supposed to be Mikayla?
    Kierra- Sierra is nice
    Abby- My name! She's probably a lovely little girl...
    Lillian- Not bad
    Harley (end of 3rd grade)- a little masculine
    Patience (start of 2nd grade)- Her mom will need some of this during her teenage years
    Manarah- Not bad but bordering the tacky side
    Keira- Pretty!
    Jayden- Better on a boy
    Keara- Kiera is a better spelling
    Allison- This is growing on me!
    Sophia- Too popular
    Scout- I like this even though I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird yet.
    Angel- Um...
    Ava- So done. I'm over this name
    Kimberlie- Kimberley is better
    Allyson- Eh...
    Julia- Very nice
    Nancy- She's not 50...
    Rylee- Okay... I guess
    Mary- This is overdone
    Vanessa- Very pretty!
    Addison- It's a disease so....
    Skylar- I like this a lot!
    Sarabeth- Annabeth I like, this not so much
    Crystal- pretty!
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