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    How can you tell if someone likes you?

    My best friend (Who is a boy) might have a crush on me. I dont think so, but everyone else in the grade thinks so. Now I'm kinda deciding what to do. He could totally have a crush on me or the exact opposite.
    Some things that we do are laugh, talk, play video games, point at each other menacingly and that's like it. According to my other bff (a girl) said that this conversation happened:
    MyEnemie: I hate Shi
    MyFriendThatIsABoy: Well then I hate you
    I said that it proves nothing. I mean half of the time were pointing finger guns at each other. (Were 12) So my friend (the girl) says that we walk really close together when we walk and talk...
    What do you guys think, I need help.
    Thank You
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    I think you're over thinking it. You're only twelve, there's plenty of time for boyfriends etc later on in your teenage years. I think, for now, just enjoy the lovely friendship you have It sounds like you guys have plenty of fun together without having to second guess each others 'motives' for being friends, if that makes sense?

    I have three best friends who are boys and none of them have crushes on me. It's totally possible to just be friends with a boy

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    You are young and like Renrose said, you have many wonderful years ahead of you to explore having boyfriends etc. For now, and I realise how hypocritical I sound as I would have laughed at this a few years ago, enjoy your childhood and your friends! Relationships are hard work and I wish I'd enjoyed my teenage years without all that agro! I have mostly male friends and it's totally awesome just having friends without constantly obsessing over whether they like you etc. Que sera sera.

    Now as for your question, in my personal experience the best way of finding out if someone likes you in a relationship way is asking them.
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    Would it make a huge difference if he did have a crush on you? He'll still be your best friend. It's important not to take other people's word as truth when it comes to someone's feelings. The only person who knows what he is feeling is him. So unless he tells you, "I have a crush on you," you don't have to do anything differently. And if he does tell you that, just ask him, "Can we still be best friends?" If he likes you that much, I'm sure he will still want to be your friend, and nothing really has to change in your relationship.

    My one piece of advice is to make sure you're not going by what other people say about him, because that can be hurtful. If you do make any decisions about your relationship with him, make sure those decisions are based on what HE says he feels, not what other people say he feels. Because other people could have it totally wrong.

    Hope this helps! <3
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    I pretty much agree with everyone else on this one. While it is lovely to have someone like you, it is much better to have a best friend by your side as you grow up. There is definitely time for boyfriends and crushes later on. At this point, maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn't. Unfortunately at this age that might change in a week anyways. If I was you I would just enjoy the friendship you have and if something develops later on (or if he outright says he's interested) then make a decision then.

    For what it's worth the majority of my friends at age 12 were boys, and we pretty much did exactly what you said - hung out and played video games. None of them ever had crushes on me and I never had crushes on them. It WAS great to grow up with a solid group of dudes to hang out with though. On the other hand, I met my best (male) friend in 2008 and by the end of 2009 we were dating and now we're engaged. Friends CAN turn into more, but at this point I would just enjoy the friendship and if you find out you like him there's plenty of time for that in the future.

    Sorry for rambling, lol. Good luck!

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