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    Do you like the names you suggested Caitlin, Elizabeth, ext. ?

    What about

    Coralie- nn Cora
    Aurora- nn Rora or Rory
    Maebry- nn Mae
    Charlotte--nn Lotte or Lottie
    Adelaide--nn Addy
    Elise- nn Elle

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    Bethany is a lovely, uncommon variation of Elizabeth that guarantees the Beth nickname.

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    Thank you all for the lovely suggestions! DH and I will have to mull them over. We do like Caitlin, Elizabeth and Catherine but it's not love like we felt with Mia's name and I think that's the feeling we're waiting for.

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    Florence "Flora" "Posy" -- nms though it's pretty.

    Dorothy "Dottie" "Dolly" "Dory" -- Our neighbor's name is Dorothy...we're not close...

    Aurelia "Aura" "Rella" (Note: I had an ancestor named Aurelia Amelia!) -- Aurelia is gorgeous but not sure we want the double a (beg/end).

    Cordelia "Cora" "Delia" "Caddy" "Celia" -- DH isn't a fan.

    Adelaide "Addy" "Laidy" "Heidi" "Ada" -- A possibility - though the popularity is a bit unnerving.

    Caroline "Caddy" "Carrie" -- Pretty but...there's something.

    Charlotte "Lottie" -- DH doesn't like Charlotte, not sure why though.

    Eleanor "Ella" "Ellie" "Nora" -- I thought about this name but it feels 'old lady'-ish doesn't it?

    Madeleine "Maddy" -- We know a couple of Madelelines and they are...unruly children.

    Selena "Lena" -- DH says all he can think of are the Underworld movies...

    Genevieve "Neve" "Evie" "Eva" -- (hot topic alert!!) My best friend told me that if they have a little girl this is the first name they've picked, as much as I love it - it's not worth it.

    Beatrice, Beatrix "Bea" "Trixie" -- I want to like it - I do....but I don't. LOL

    Imogen "Gem" -- Pretty.

    Theresa "Tess" "Tessa" "Reese" -- Never thought of Reese as a nn.

    Louisa "Ouisa" "Lula" -- Lousie is a contender for middle name.

    Susannah "Sunny" "Sally" "Sosie" --

    Josephine "Josie" "Effie" -- Pretty name but DH doesn't like the nns (he doesn't care for Joey either)

    Johanna "Jo" -- This is a beautiful name - unfortunately this name is forever ruined by an ex-boss.

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