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    Space name for girl!

    So my hubby and I are about to have our second daughter. We're both pretty nerdy and really like sci-fi stuff, so when our first baby came along we wanted to give her a spce-themed name. We named her Terra Halley (Latin name for Earth/name of a comet). We came up with that one fairly quickly, maybe 2 weeks after we found out we were pregnant.

    Now I'm due in 6 weeks and we STILL don't have a solid name! We really want to stick with our space theme but we're running short on ideas. Possibilities we've come up with are:
    Luna (Latin name for Moon)
    Mona (Old English name for Moon)
    Faye (name of a comet)
    Nova (an explosion in a star that causes it to brighten)
    Marsden (Mars as a nickname)

    Any good combos of these names or your own additions would be greatly appreciated! We need a first and middle name.

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    Sci Names

    How about Aura Dawn,

    Stellar (Stella for short), Liora for the middle name.

    Rayah (My son likes that name for a future daughter he states the meaning is a cosmic rainbow)Middle name Elani which is from the "Star Trek Voyager" meaning Innocence: thus Rayah Elani

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    I like Nova & Luna. How about Celeste?
    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    & Osiris Mercury James

    Freyja Moon / Athena Juniper / Elowen Ruby

    Atlas Cedar Jade / Fox Hawthorne Charles

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    I love Luna.

    What about:

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    My suggested combination: Luna Faye. It has a good rhythm on the tongue. Luna and Terra is also a pretty way to contrast your daughters' names as Earth and Moon.

    Some other celestial names...

    Asteria, the Greek goddess of oracles and falling stars.
    Chandra, literally moon in Sanskrit.

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