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    How to honor Grandmothers?

    My husband and I are expecting a girl and would like to somehow honor my grandmothers, both of whom were really strong, positive role models in my life and both of whom were named Frances! He's not a big fan of the name Frances, so it would have to be a variant. It would also be nice to somehow tie into my husband's hispanic background, although it's not a deal-breaker, as she will have his hispanic last name. Francisca seems like a natural choice, as the Spanish version of Frances, but neither of us love it. We like Francesca better, although prefer the pronunciation "Fran-sess-ka" vs. the more common "Fran-ches-ka." Francina is also an option.

    Thoughts? Suggestions on other Frances options? How much of an issue do you think it is to choose the less common (i.e., "Fran-sess-ka") pronunciation of a name? Are we dooming our daughter to a lifetime of correcting people? Does Francesca read as overly Italian? Does Francina read as overly French? Neither of us has Italian or French heritage, and while it certainly wouldn't be an issue, we're both curious for reactions.

    Finally, our last name is 3 syllables and ends in "a," and I'm wondering if it's a bit "much" to have a first name that does the same.

    My grandmothers middle names were Christine and Jordan respectively, so we could potentially use a variant on those names, although part of the appeal with Frances is that it honors both.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback / input!

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    What about Frankie? After Drew Barrymore name her baby girl Frankie, after grandmother Frances, I am totally crushing on the name.

    Personally I've never heard Francesca pronounced the way you describe. Maybe alter the spelling to Fransesca?

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    I like Francesca, but to me the right pronunciation is the chess sound. I think the child/adult would have to correct people her whole life. Not the worst fate on earth, but not much fun either.

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    I love that you're honoring both of your grandmas at once!

    I wouldn't worry about Francesca or Francina having Italian & French heritage as they are both widely used.

    I agree that you may have to correct people at times if you go with the 'sess' pronunciation for Francesca. It's a beautiful name though so maybe it's worth it!

    Francisca is also lovely and perhaps more straight forward in terms of pronunciation?

    Here are some other options:

    Franka (Croatian)
    Franseza (Breton)

    Good luck!
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    Hmm I'm with you. I prefer the e in Francesca, but I like the siss-ka pronunciation of Francisca. I think it's fine to pronounce Francesca with the ss sound--it is closer to Frances and an honor name after all. The problem is whether you want to give your daughter with the type of name that will often be mispronounced. Lots of people have them and still love their names. But lots of others find it a burden.

    As for Christine and Jordan, you could do a fn/mn combo with Christiane and Jordana?
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