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    Question Help Naming a Dance Class

    I need help naming this girl (Natalie's) dance class. These girls are after people in one of my dances because they all have such funny and quirky personalities. Please help rename them! Thanks in advance!

    Girl 1 (12): She has bright blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and cute dimples on her cheeks. She is an incredibly flexible girl and is a great dancer. This girl is unbelievably sassy and crazy. Her mom owns the studio and her older sister is the next girl. Her name needs to be modern and slightly unisex (like used to be unisex but is now really gone to the girls, if that makes sense).

    Girl 2 (14): She has long dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and tanner skin. She is really nice, friendly, and easygoing but gets crazy around her friends. She is a really good tapper. Her mom owns the studio and her younger sister is the previous girl. Her name needs to be the same style as the previous girl and also fit well with her.

    Girl 3 (15): She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a little shyer but is really outgoing around her friends. Along with dance, she participates in soccer, softball (or at least used to), and cheer leading. Her name needs to be modern and peppy (cheerleader name).

    Girl 4 (15): She has short caramel colored hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and a curvy body. She is really outgoing and crazy but in a more mature way than girl 1. She loves yelling at people and being in charge. Her name should be a name more popular for boys but with a more girly nickname.

    Girl 5 (13): She has really long brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and a lot of freckles. She is very skinny and flexible and is a phenomenal tapper. She has a beautiful smile and is very funny. She loves hanging out with her friends at dance. Her name should be really girly and 3 syllables.

    Thank you!! Ask questions if you have them!
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