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Thread: CAF: Year: 1889

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    May 2014
    Surname: Bennett

    Wife: Lula Fern
    Husband: Emmett Hugh

    Son: Vincent Jay
    Daughter: Fay Lou
    Daughter: Etta Minnie
    Son: Augustus Dewitt
    Daughter: Lottie Caroline
    Daughter: Estelle Mae
    Daughter: Winnie Delia
    Son: Preston Eddie
    Son: Wilson Wade

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    Jan 2014
    Surname: Baker
    Wife: Julia Marie
    Husband: Hugh Warren

    Son: Kenneth Jasper
    Daughter: Georgia Fay
    Daughter: Beatrice Ada
    Son: Timothy Dallas
    Daughter: Daisy Esther
    Daughter: Allie Della
    Daughter: Josie Viola
    Son: Luke Preston
    Son: Riley Grant

    Julia Baker
    Hugh Baker
    Kenneth Baker (15)
    Georgia Baker (14)
    Beatrice Baker (13)
    Timothy Baker (11)
    Daisy Baker (10)
    Allie Baker (7)
    Josie Baker (5)
    Luke Baker (4)
    Riley Baker (3)

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    Surname: Evans

    Wife: Hazel Pearl
    Husband: Emmett Luther

    Son: Elijah Jay *Eli*
    Daughter: Myra Jane
    daughter: Ada Ruth
    Son: Augustus Van *Augie*
    Daughter: Henrietta Ann *Etta*
    Daughter: Nora Mae
    Daughter: Callie Bess
    Son: Preston Boyd
    Son: Douglas Wade
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven, Elliot Denali, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Knox, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Phoenix, Otto Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo
    Anthea Fife, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esmae Regina Poet, Farley Selene, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Verity Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale, Rowena Fate, Sage Mirabai, Scarlet Macey

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    Surname: Ellsworth
    Wife: Marie
    Husband: Alex
    Son: Jasper
    Daughter: Jane
    Daughter: Ada
    Son: Wesley
    Daughter: Lizzie
    Daughter: Estelle
    Daughter: Catherine
    Son: Luke
    Son: Matthew

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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Surname: Dougherty

    Wife: Marie Edith
    Husband: Warren Theodore
    Son: Vincent Clark
    Daughter: Myra Jane
    Daughter: Alice Ruth
    Son: Wesley Van
    Daughter: Henrietta Esther
    Daughter: Mae Ellen
    Daughter: Viola Catherine
    Son: Ivan Scott
    Son:Leon Jefferson
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