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    negative reactions to your name choices...

    Today at work we were talking about names and I said I love Morgan and Avery for boys and that's what I would love to name any future sons. The immediate reaction I get: "Morgan? Avery? Those are totally GIRLS names!" Of course I rebuttal with how they were originally boy names etc but now I think that that negative reaction is what I will always receive and honestly I'm kinda questioning my name choices. I get a lot of positive feedback here regarding my names but that's because we are all name nerds and know they are boy names. Those who aren't name obsessed (majority of the general public)usually won't know that. So I guess after all that rambling what I'm asking is this: how do you guys deal with negative reactions to your name choices? Does it ever sway you on your choices? Should the opinions of non-names obsessed people even be considered? I usually don't care too much about what others think but names are pretty personal to me so this reaction today really got me thinking and requestioning my names... :/

    Sorry for so much rambling. All honest opinions and thoughts greatly appreciated!
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