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    Aside from coming to Nameberry, I generally keep my favorite names to myself. I'm not really interested in the opinions of my favorite names. I don't really care what some strangers in the grocery store has to say about Sasha or Vivienne or Gabriel. Most of the people I know give their children very trendy names and I know they would never like my names anyway.

    If it was a name I knew might be iffy, then sure I'd ask for opinions to make sure I wasn't crazy, but in general, I really don't care what other people have to say, so I keep it to myself and Nameberry.
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    My mother laughed out loud after asking me what my favorite names were.
    I knew this was a distinct possibility though as she usually take a really long time to get used to unfamiliar things and then ends up loving (most) of them. I totally expect this to be a problem in the future as well - though my husband is a lot tamer than I am in name preferences so maybe not.

    My aunt’s more polite version of that was “Oh... we’ve never heard of any of those names before!” Still not sure if she was hiding horror or truly intrigued - she’s good like that.

    Needless to say there is a reason I don’t share favorite names with people unless they specifically ask and then I don’t expect them to love or even like my choices - despite them not really being all that out there - in my mind.
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    Thank you so much for all the feedback guys! I'm feeling a lot better about my choices now. A lot of you said I'll have to learn to accept negative reactions from narrow minded people and you guys are so right! That was the first time I ever heard such a negative reaction to my names so it was pretty jarring. I'm am still confident in using Morgan one day hopefully; both myself and my SO love it and it's definitely not as popular as it used to be for girls. Avery is a name I love but I don't think my SO would be on board plus it would need to drop in popularity for girls before I'd be comfortable using it. But babies are a long way off so that's ok thank you all so much!
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    I know how you feel. I told my cousin that I really liked the name Amelie. She said it sounded like Omelet. Fortunately, I don't like Amelie anymore, but that comment really bothers me still.
    I love both Avery and Morgan for boys (especially Morgan!). Those people that commented on them being feminine probably like names like Mckinzey and Jurnee.
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