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    It really depends. I would test out my favourite name, not asking for an adult's opinion but a primary school child. If I know that my kid's going to be teased for having a boys/girls name, a weird cartoon characters name or one that very obviously rhymes with a bad word or has a bad word in it, I might reconsider.
    In the end kids are way more open with cruelty than adults and it affects them more.
    I know that a kid can be bullied for anything but some brats don't need a reason, a name that rhymes with "Fat" might be causing my child pain throughout her school years.

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    It depends on who it is and whether I think this sort of reaction would be normal. It also depends on what the reaction is and how I think I would feel about it if it were my name. In the case of Morgan and Avery, absolutely it's prevented me from considering using them, although I might use them in the middle. In the case of my old lady and old man names, meh, I don't care that people find them unfashionable. My main concerns are respect and teasing. Being fashionable or cool, well that doesn't last anyway.

    The thing is, of course I want a name that I love because it's my "message of love" to my child, but my child has to grow up in the world with the name so I want to consider how the name might be received in my society and culture. There is no real right or wrong answer, but I tend to err on the safe side.
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    While they're both vastly more popular for girls, they still rank for boys, and, are still known to those who aren't narrow minded, as unisex. I think Morgan is one of the few (Taylor, Rowan, Quinn, Emerson, Jordan as well) that are truly unisex and really could go either way.

    I love Addison, Morgan, Rowan, Emerson, Leighton, Jordan, Harper(on either), Quinn, etc on boys, and, I think you just need to be prepared for those narrow minded comments that'll be tossed your way, but, you also to bear in mind that those people have likely had no interaction with a boy having a unisex name, so they don't realise that it can go either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xredd View Post
    I'd put the love of your favorite names above all else, but I'd take their thoughts into consideration. I like Morgan on a boy. Avery is meh. I prefer it on a girl but I wouldn't question it. Now if the name you were considering was something like Madison, which used to be a boys name but no men today are ever named that, yeah I'd listen to your friends. When naming you need to consider how other people will react to the names, and be prepared for it. Just because you love it doesn't mean others will. But you shouldn't necessarily let them influence you, just because their favorite name is Aiden doesn't mean it needs to be your favorite :P Just keep it in balance. Love your names, but be aware it might not be everyone's cup of tea and you need to be ready for that.
    One of my favorite boys name is Madison... And I don't care what others think about that name. Just because your friends don't like that name does not mean you listen to them. I love the names Aubrey, Bailey, Madison and Loren on boys, too, although I have a long time for my names to change, I still wouldn't listen to people.
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    I love the name - especially Morgan. Of course, I name my daughter Seaver Quinn and everyone thought I'd lost it but now I get lots more compliments than I do criticism.

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