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    I heard of a study that found people with mainstream names, meaning recognizable and uncontroversial, were more successful. That doesn't mean unique names are totally out of the question. But if I received negative responses from multiple people... then sadly, I would accept that it's not a name that will serve my child well in the future.

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    I'd put the love of your favorite names above all else, but I'd take their thoughts into consideration. I like Morgan on a boy. Avery is meh. I prefer it on a girl but I wouldn't question it. Now if the name you were considering was something like Madison, which used to be a boys name but no men today are ever named that, yeah I'd listen to your friends. When naming you need to consider how other people will react to the names, and be prepared for it. Just because you love it doesn't mean others will. But you shouldn't necessarily let them influence you, just because their favorite name is Aiden doesn't mean it needs to be your favorite :P Just keep it in balance. Love your names, but be aware it might not be everyone's cup of tea and you need to be ready for that.
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    My family reacted the same way when I told them we were considering Avery for our second son, but we ignored it.
    We did use Avery and we get a lot of praise. It might take a while for your family and friends to get used to it, but they will and it will grow on them.

    I think the same goes with Morgan, it just needs getting used to

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    It depends. My names are very tame by berry standards, but a lot of the general population would hate them. I think if it is going to cause difficulty for the child, then I would forgo my favorites. I think Avery and Morgan are perfectly acceptable boys names (I love Morgan),but I don't want my son to share a name with with mostly girls. In fact, I have only ever met female Avery's. Morgan, on the other hand, seems pretty equal.

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    If you love it, I think that is the most important thing. I agree with a pp who said that names like Madison would be pretty hard for a male to pull off nowadays but I don't think Morgan and Avery are there yet. I actually didn't realise Morgan was used on girls, I have only met/heard of male Morgans.
    To be honest, I don't talk about names with any people other than on here so I don't know how I would react to bad comments on my favourites. But, when I get negative feedback on here I sometimes take it into account, especially if other people point out negative associations that I hadn't noticed.
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