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    extent fears that the situation

    status quo, and this change can cause other countries to a certain extent fears that the situation will naturally tense. He said that various regions of the world have had a similar situation occur, therefore, fears are very normal, and natural.Matthews also said that China is a peace-loving country, from the historical point of view, China has been a focus on the country's own development. China appears to allow countries around the very "tense", but in the final analysis, China is only to defend their sovereignty, to ensure the normal operation of the country's economy. Therefore, China needs to better convey the wishes of their own peace out. Between Japan and the DPRK reached on investigating officers and other government agreementnike free 4.0 v3 hombre
    s kidnapped Japanese Foreign Minister shore 田文雄 defense on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that morning, "to achieve results will take the most effective measures must continuously find ways to visit the DPRK does not rule . "Kishida said they did not exclude the possibility that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to the DPRK. Kishida made the statements in answer to true white Democrat hoon's question.North Korea set on "special investigation committee" to re-investigate the abduction issue, Kishida stressed the importance of promoting the effective investigation. Because the families of kidnap victims have entered the aging group, limited time, measures must be taken to respond quickly.As Abe's visit to the DPRK time, Kishida said, "The current stage is uncertain."KCNA May 29 published "on the outcome of talks between the Government of Asahi Press," said the North Korean delegation, and Japan recently to solve the kidnapping issue, the normalization of diplomatic relations in serious consultations, the DPRK agreed to kid

    nap victim issues comprehensive survey of the United States recently reached an agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Taliban released their captivity was the only one American soldier Martin Bailey Dahl (Bowe Bergdahl) sergeant, in exchange, the United States released five Afghan prisoners. However, Bailey Dahl released so that the American people once again focused event five years ago, American soldiers disappearances, U.S. authorities questioned decision.According to reports, Bailey Dahl is the only one being held in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers have been detained in recent five years. U.S. and Afghan Taliban on May 31 located at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay) U.S. military bases agreement with its exchange of five Taliban prisoners important figure. In the Obama administration and Bailey Dahl's family are celebrating their regainednike free 4.0 v3 hombre
    freedom, people began to reiterate 2009 soldiers disappearances views and opinions.Reported that the comrades who have Bailey Dahl Matt (Matt Vierkant), said: "I am so tired of what happened in the past, but everything happens now, I'm more angry." Matt said Bailey during the war from Darfur team, several of his comrades in the way of search and rescue was killed.The article said that the online petition, and "Facebook" (Facebook) group in the momentum after the release of the disease rose Bailey Dahl, dereliction of duty required to be brought to justice. The petition called "Bailey Dahl is not a hero, you should sum death of the officer directly responsible."It is reported that many Americans including many Republican officials, including the release of Bailey Dahl way expressed dissatisfaction, saying that this transaction is to negotiate with the terrorists and to the lives of American soldiers put a price tag. Taliban

    leader Mullah Omar (Mullah Omar) said five prisoners are "Jihad" organization by the United States released an important commander, and declared the deal was "a great victory."Chairman of the Russian State Duma International Affairs Committee Alexei Pashtoon Primakov said Moscow formally notified the Council of Europe parliamentarians Assembly (PACE) suspended its cooperation, but refused to participate in the summer session of the General Assembly.He told Russian media interview that the Russian delegation would not participate in a meeting of the European Council in June MPs meeting. Russia in its sanctions against Russia during the temporary interruption to their cooperation.Allegedly, May 26, members of the Russian direction of the Presidential Commission for the European Parliament Assembly of the Council, Mr Martini & Cox notice this. He arrived in nike free 4.0 V2 online
    Moscow at the time, met with the Chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin. Pashtoon Primakov said Naryshkin also wrote to the President of the General Assembly of the European Council MPs Anne Brasseur.Naryshkin said in the letter, he asked all members Brasseur and other sincerely hope to solve the crisis in Ukraine Conference, do not make new mistakes and hope that the Russian delegation at PACE rights will be fully restored. If after this resolution is passed, I will attend the General Assembly meetings and speeches.April, Assembly of the Council of Europe parliamentarians to join the Russian Federation because of Crimea adopted a resolution, depriving Russian lawmakers vote, the right to participate in the work and the work of its observer missions leading organs of the General Assembly by the end of 2014. After that, the Russian State Duma adopted a statementWhether Chinese officials have done enough problems n

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