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    @auntie_a your response just made my night we are from South Carolina so I'm used to lots of double barrel names but none like this one. I think it might just be the right one.
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    I understand that Mary Catherine is a very traditional double barrel name and I know two actually. Mary-Cay and Mary Kate/MK. I find this combo a little long for every day casual use. I know we aren’t discussing Mary Catherine but.... I have the same problem with Lorelei Wren. I love both names but I find them as a combo a little long for everyday use. I tend to find double barrels that are comprised of two shorter names a bit more successful for daily, casual use. I like the suggestion of Lydia Wren or I like Lyra-Wren as a sister for Lyrik.

    I don’t know if that makes sense. As a non double barrel combo I think Lorelei Wren is beautiful and awesome.
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    At first I thought it was a little long to say, I'm the type that says a person's full name so I realized that if I can say a name like Alejandra all the time, then Lorelei Wren wouldn't be a problem either. Hyphenating my help a little bit, but I think most people will get used to the fact that Lorelei Wren is her name. Beautiful choice!

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    I tend to like double names under three (total) syllables, and find the ones over three to be clunky and somehow lesser than the sum of their parts, if that makes sense. Like, I love Mary and LOVE Catherine but don't care for Mary Catherine. I think it takes away from both names to smush them together. So, in a similar way, I LOVE Lorelei and like Wren, but don't care for them together.
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    @warpedbritt I thought from some of the other names in your signature that you were probably going for Southern type names! I think you've hit on a standout, double-barrel name. Being from the South myself, I understand wanting to keep Southern heritage & naming traditions, but still wanting to use something different. Also, as for it being too long, honestly I don't think that's really a problem. Now that's not to say that everyone will always call her Lorelei Wren (some people just tend to give nicknames to everyone) but it's no longer than Alexandra, Isabella, Olivia, or Elizabeth & I've known girls with these names that were ALWAYS called their full name.
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