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    Middle Name for Juliet


    We have decided on the name Juliet for our baby girl. We are still unsure of her middle name and any suggestions and opinions would be great. Her twin's name is Wesley James and siblings, Teagan Olivia, Emma Grace, Ava Noelle, and Eden Aubrielle.
    Some of the combinations that we have liked so far are:

    Juliet Elise
    Juliet Catherine
    Juliet Hannah
    Juliet Sophia
    Juliet Eleanor
    Juliet Lucille
    Juliet Christine

    We are leaning towards Juliet Elise. Any opinions? Last name starts with M and rhymes with Lauren.
    Teagan Olivia, Emma Grace, Ava Noelle, Eden Aubrielle, Juliet Elise, and Wesley James

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    Juliet Elise definitely.

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    I like Juliet Elise and Juliet Catherine, but Juliet Catherine isn't ideal with a surname that rhymes with Lauren.

    Juliet Elise is my favorite.

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    Agree with dovah, Juliet Elise and Juliet Catherine.

    Juliet Brooke
    Or shorter, Juliet lys?

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