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    Exclamation Help!Severe indecisiveness!

    I'm pregnant.

    With triplets.


    Okay,so,according to my ultrasonic(which I got earlier than most,courtesy of having a doctor for a mother)readings,1 is a girl and the other 2 are boys(duh).Now,choosing names wouldn't be near as hard if it weren't for one small problem.What's that?

    To-be-hubby HATES everything I love(Bambalina,Frederick,Foxglove,Meadowlark...).Okay,I admit,some of my choices are outlandish.But I have plenty of completely acceptable names.

    To-be-hubby's name is Etienne Abendroth.He's French-German and nothing else.I don't like many German names,
    and my horrible pronunciation skills pretty much destroy any chances of French names.I'm pretty much everything else,with a little Russian.Etienne is indecisive,not me.

    Due date is somewhere around December,I think.Please help!

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