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    Emerold; an acceptable name for a boy?

    Do you think Emerold sounds ok for a boy?

    I'm thinking Emerald + the likes of Leopold, Arnold, Harold etc

    The boy has green eyes and was given the first name by his mother Willabelle - a creative type.

    I wouldn't really say its a fantasy story, but others would - it's a bit surreal.

    To go along with middle names Blaise Drago.

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    Well, if his mother was the creative type as you say, then why not? I have a male character named Emerald, though he goes by his middle name, so as far as I'm concerned it's a perfectly acceptable name for a boy.

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    too subtle - the masculine changes to Emerald will not be heard when this name is used on a day to day basis

    plus its an out there, trying too hard spelling

    id try Errol, a more 'legit' name with a similar sound

    i prefer an unheard of name over a common name with an odd spelling, even if its just on paper
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    It's funny how changing one letter can make it become try hard.
    I'd add that the character goes by his middle name Blaise and that he doesn't fancy his first name much.

    I often think as well how Artemis Fowl from the successful book series had a very feminine first name. But it just became a point brought up on more than one occasion.

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    I definitely think Emerold would work, but I think the Emerald spelling would be even better- good luck .
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