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    Many characters in need of a name!

    I've come up with a pretty solid idea for a story and now all I need are the names! I decided not to think to much about my characters names until I had the plot nailed down for two reasons: 1. I didn't want to get bogged down in the details, and 2. I thought it would be fun to get opinions from fellow berries!

    Genre: Satire, Sci-fi, Dystopia

    Setting: Midwestern U.S. in the present or near future

    Plot summary: Our protagonist (from here on out referred to as "X") grew up in her little suburban culdesac admiring the hardened female protagonists in her dystopian novels, comic books, and films. These jaded (often orphaned) warriors reluctantly go on epic missions of justice with their impressive combat skills and goddess-like resilience. Uninhibited by family, these lone heroines are able to put it all on the line to save the world/galaxy/universe. Unlike the characters she looks up to, X is decidedly inhibited. The middle child of 7, her family is a constant source of embarrassment. However, due to an unfortunate mishap in a government testing facility the world begins to crumble into a dystopia. X sees her opportunity to become the heroine of her own story. With a stolen motorcycle and some newfound abilities X sets off to right the wrongs in what is left of the world and ends up living a double life. By night she is a semi-successful, brooding heroine and savior of the weak, by day she is a just a 13yo girl who feels like an under appreciated outcast in her large, loud, quirky and imposing family. Along the way she meets a variety of strange and unsavory characters. Hijinks ensue.

    Characters in need of names: Parents, older twin brothers, older sister, X, younger sister, another younger sister, and youngest brother

    I'll probably do another post asking for help in naming the characters she meets on her travels.

    Character descriptions:

    Father- Your quintessential suburban father. A self proclaimed handyman, whose skills don't quite match up with his ego. He is known throughout the neighborhood as the penultimate purveyor of terrible puns, much to the dismay of his children. Born and bred in the midwest. Has a somewhat nerdy but mostly normal name.

    Mother- A loud, melodramatic woman who's under the persistent and vastly incorrect impression that all of her children are perilously close to starvation. Doting and overprotective. Second generation Vietnamese- American. Has a very mommish name. Gave all of her children terribly clunky and awkward names.

    The twins- Overconfident second string football players. About as empty-headed as possible. The younger one has quite the knack for ballet- something he keeps from his friends but shares enthusiastically with his family. The older one tends to the family garden. Names considered: Chester and Lester, Elmore and Dagwood

    Older Sister- A smart, suave and manipulative party girl who somehow manages to keep her parents in the dark in regards to her indulgent lifestyle. Names considered: Prudence

    Protagonist- Models her style after the characters she loves so much. Think Aeon Flux, Lisbeth Salander, River tam, hit girl, ect. Sharp features, beady eyes. Louise brooks haircut. Her name doesn't suit her at all. Names considered: Ethel, Gladys, Eunice

    Younger Sister- Takes very much after her mother. Protagonist hates her the most. Essentially a brat. Names considered: Myrtle

    Youngest Sister- Most striking looking. Saucer eyes and ears that stick out. She is scrappy and sly- a survivalist. Names considered: Griselda, Mildred

    Youngest Brother- Quiet, often overlooked. Observant. A bit on the morbid side. Tends to say disturbing things in an offhand manner, when he bothers to speak at all. Seems to know everyones secrets. Names Considered: Seymour, Phineas, Mortimer

    One final note: their last name is Mallard

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Your story sounds like it has the opportunity to be very amusing; the characters are all wonderfully quirky.

    Dad Mallard: Matthew, Brian, Eric, Jeffrey, and Stephen are the most quintessential dad names for me, though I don't know if that's too stereotypical.

    Mom Mallard: I'm assuming by your description that she's not to have a Vietnamese-inspired name, so I'll go with stereotypically mom names: Lisa, Patricia, Debra, Cynthia, Helen, Cathleen, Becky.

    Twins: Elmore and Dagwood are very striking, and original. They seem to work well. In case

    Older Sister: Prudence works well. I also like Temperance, Modesty, and Chastity. Some virtue name.

    Protag: I really like either Agnes or Agatha for her.

    Younger Sister: Gretchen always makes me think of a brat (maybe it's the "wretched" sound).

    Youngest Sister: Mildred works, but Mildred Mallard is a tongue-twister. Frances came to mind.

    Youngest Brother: The ones you have listed work really well. Silas and Ezra came to mind as well.

    I want to throw out Maude as a possible name for either the protagonist or the youngest sister.
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    Thank you! That was very helpful. I had no idea what to do with the younger sister but Gretchen is perfect.
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    This sounds like an interesting story, as do your characters Here's my two cents on this, although I don't know if this is what you had in mind:

    Father: Marshall, Milton, Clark, Rudolph/Rudolf, Randolph, Gerard, Monty, Ludovic, Jeb

    Mother: Zelda, Dorcas, Jerusha, Cornelia, Irma/Erma

    Twins: Joby & Coby, Caius & Brutus, Corin & Crispin, Pollux & Castor, Sebastian & Romulus, Elian & Thomas (you can mix and match any of the names if you want)

    Older sister: Marian, Berenice, Desirree, Doris, Keziah, Keturah, Alvira/Elvira, Elmira

    Protagonist: Aoife, Amelia, Cora, Halfrida, Frida, Judith, Lalla, Pippa, Scarlett, Silvia, Clarice, Bernadette, Augusta, Asta

    Younger sister: Linette/Lynette, Carina, Abra

    Youngest sister: Irina, Ilka/Elka, Rabina, Karis, Kira/Keira, Juniper

    Youngest brother: Bergen, Jethro, Leroy, Desmond.

    BTW: I really like the names you've considered as well. They seem to mesh well together

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    Hi! Really cool idea!
    Here are some names:
    Protagonist: Shiloh nn Shi or Lola, Gweneth nn Gwen, Edith nn Eddie or Eden, Eloise nn Ell or Louie, Annabelle nn Bea?
    Mom: Peggy, Linda
    Dad: John, Allen, Bob? Dave/David, Tomas/Tom,
    Twins: Eugene, Garid, Charlie, Charles, Rudy?
    Older sister: Jamien? Agatha? Bertha? Isabelle? Tara? Bonnibelle?
    Younger sister: Mod, I like Myrtle, Genevieve, Gabana nn Gabby?
    Youngest sister: Eliza, Mary?, Grace?, Valerie! Melonie!
    Youngest brother: Sampson, Max, Timothy nn Tim, Oliver, Wilbur?
    Well that's what I can think of at the moment. Good luck it sounds really awesome keep writing it!
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