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    KS, for now

    Name This HUGE Family!

    My friend's mom is the youngest of thirteen making her family exceptionally large. For someone who only has two cousins, I think that's amazing.

    Gen. 1:
    DH: GRH (75)
    DW: MLH (72)
    DD1: JHH (54)
    DD2: DRH (52)
    DS1: SEH (50)
    DS2: POH (50)
    DD3: FRH (49)
    DS3: NHH (48)
    DS4: KKH (46)
    DS5: OLH (45)
    DD4: MVH (45)
    DS6: GLH (44)
    DD5: VEH (43)
    DD6: AJH (43)
    DD7: ALH (42)

    Gen 2:
    DD1: JHL (54)
    DH: KML (55)
    DS1: HJL (32)
    DS2: FML (29)
    DD1: CKL (26)

    DD2: DRT (52)
    DH: JJT (56)
    DD1: HKT (28)
    DS1: VZT (24)
    DD2: KLT (20)
    DD3: MLT (16)

    DS1: SEH (50)
    DW: SDH (49)
    DS1: BRH (25)
    DS2: OLH (22)

    DS2: POH (50)
    DW: ZGH (51)
    DD1: SJH (26)
    DS1: CLH (26)
    DD2: EMH (23)
    DD3: PQH (19)

    DD3: FRI (49)
    DH: HCI (50)
    DS1: OKI (22)
    DS2: REI (18)
    DS3: VWI (18)
    DD1: LRI (17)

    DS3: NHH (48)
    DW: MPH (48)
    DD1: LOH (23)

    DS4: KKH (46)
    DW: HKH (48)
    DS1: VMH (24)
    DD1: DAH (23)
    DS2: KFH (19)
    DD2: ERH (17)

    DS5: OLH (45)
    DW: LKH (45)
    DS1: BRH (25)
    DS2: HKH (23)
    DD1: SRH (20)
    DS3: LTH (18)
    DS4: GFH (16)
    DD2: EFH (14)

    DD4: MVQ (45)
    DH: MMQ (46)
    DD1: DSQ (22)
    DS1: DSQ (20)
    DD2: LPQ (17)
    DD3: PZQ (14)

    DS6: GLH (44)
    DW: JGH (44)
    DD1: ELH (21)

    DD5: VED (43)
    DH: GVD (45)
    DS1: JKLD (19)

    DD6: AJN (43)
    DH: SJN (47)
    DD1: OLN (13)
    DS1: LON (10)

    DD7: ALW (42)
    DH: WRW (44)
    DD1: AEW (16)
    DD2: BLW (13)

    Gen. 3:
    DS1 of DD1: HJL (32)
    DW: HRL (32)
    DD1: ERL (7)

    DS2 of DD1: FML (29)
    DW: JKL (28)
    DS1: BVL (5)
    DD1: VCL (2)
    DD2: VCL (2)

    DD1 of DD1: CKR (26)
    DH: TKR (27)
    DS1: JDR (3)

    DD1 of DD2: HKT (28)
    DH: LOT (29)
    DD1: SMT (6)
    DS1: NTT (4)
    DD2: RRT (1)

    DS1 of DD2: VZT (24)
    DW: PDT (23)
    DS1: SDT (1)

    DS1 of DS1: BRH (25)
    DW: CRH (24)
    DS1: HMH (3)
    DD1: LSH (nb)

    DD1 of DS2: SJZ (26)
    DH: FGZ (28)
    DD1: LRZ (3)
    DD2: RLZ (3)

    DS1 of DS2: CLH (26)
    DW: EMH (25)
    DS1: KJH (2)

    DD2 of DS2: EMH (23)
    DS1: TVH (1)

    DD1 of DS3: LOH (23)
    DH: MNH (25)
    DS1: TNH (nb)

    DS1 of DS4: VMH (24)
    DW: KLOH (23)
    DD1: SMH (1)

    DS1 of DS5: BRH (25)
    DW: BMH (26)
    DD1: AKH (5)
    DS1: CAH (nb)

    DS2 of DS5: HKH (23)
    DW: AAH (23)
    DD1: BKH (nb)
    DS1: CJH (nb)

    DD1 of DS5: SRH (20)
    DD1: WDH (2)
    Abby|18|Writer|Competitive Dancer
    Sister to Leah Madeline '03 & Eliana Joy "Ellie" '07
    Cousin to Auden Mae '09 & Cora Rose '12

    My favorites...
    Sabrina Auli'i | Iris Michaela | Maeve Liliana
    Leo Damien | Cassian Micah | Torin Elliot

    On my mind...
    Kaia Zenobia | Kaia Magnolia | Kaia Eloise | Kaia Arden
    Mica/Micha ?


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    KS, for now
    Gen. 1:
    DH: George Reno Hartley (75)
    DW: Michelle Louise Hartley (72)
    DD1: Jennifer Hazel Hartley (54)
    DD2: Dianne Rose Hartley (52)
    DS1: Samuel Edward Hartley (50)
    DS2: Patrick Oliver Hartley (50)
    DD3: Frances Renee Hartley (49)
    DS3: Nicholas Harold Hartley (48)
    DS4: Kyle Klyde Hartley (46)
    DS5: Ollie Lorcan Hartley (45)
    DD4: Margaret Vera Hartley (45)
    DS6: George Lewis Hartley (44)
    DD5: Violet Eve Hartley (43)
    DD6: Alicia Jane Hartley (43)
    DD7: Amy Lorraine Hartley (42)

    Gen 2:
    DD1: Jennifer Hazel Larson (54)
    DH: Karl Maurice Larson (55)
    DS1: Harry Jude Larson (32)
    DS2: Finn Michael Larson (29)
    DD1: Catherine Kay Larson (26)

    DD2: Dianne Rose Thatcher (52)
    DH: Justin James Thatcher (56)
    DD1: Hannah Kate Thatcher (28)
    DS1: Vincent Zeke Thatcher (24)
    DD2: Kara Louise Thatcher (20)
    DD3: Maya Lauren Thatcher (16)

    DS1: Samuel Edward Hartley (50)
    DW: Sara Daphne Hartley (49)
    DS1: Brandon Richard Hartley (25)
    DS2: Oliver Lucas Hartley (22)

    DS2: Patrick Oliver Hartley (50)
    DW: Zoe Grace Hartley (51)
    DD1: Samantha Jean Hartley (26)
    DS1: Cole Lester Hartley (26)
    DD2: Emma Marie Hartley (23)
    DD3: Phoebe Quinn Hartley (19)

    DD3: Frances Renee Isaac (49)
    DH: Henry Clay Isaac (50)
    DS1: Owen Karlson Isaac (22)
    DS2: Russell Elijah Isaac (18)
    DS3: Vinny William Isaac (18)
    DD1: Lilly Renee Isaac (17)

    DS3: Nicholas Harold Hartley (48)
    DW: Marissa Penelope Hartley (48)
    DD1: Laura Olivia Hartley (23)

    DS4: Kyle Klyde Hartley (46)
    DW: Harper Katherine Hartley (48)
    DS1: Vaughn Marcel Hartley (24)
    DD1: Delilah Anne Hartley (23)
    DS2: Klyde Finley Hartley (19)
    DD2: Erica Rae Hartley (17)

    DS5: Ollie Lorcan Hartley (45)
    DW: Lillian Kenna Hartley (45)
    DS1: Brady Riley Hartley (25)
    DS2: Hayden Kole Hartley (23)
    DD1: Serena Rose Hartley (20)
    DS3: Louis Thomas Hartley (18)
    DS4: Gregory Frederick Hartley (16)
    DD2: Emery Faye Hartley (14)

    DD4: Margaret Vera Quentin (45)
    DH: Michael Matthew Quentin (46)
    DD1: Dahlia Skye Quentin (22)
    DS1: Dexter Shay Quentin (20)
    DD2: Lyra Piper Quentin (17)
    DD3: Poppy Zahara Quentin (14)

    DS6: George Lewis Hartley (44)
    DW: Jessica Grace Hartley (44)
    DD1: Eleanor Louisa Hartley (21)

    DD5: Violet Eve Derrico (43)
    DH: Geoffrey Vince Derrico (45)
    DS1: Justin Kristopher Larry Derrico (19)

    DD6: Alicia Jane Nixon (43)
    DH: Seth Jonathan Nixon (47)
    DD1: Oakley Lizabeth Nixon (13)
    DS1: Lennox Orion Nixon (10)

    DD7: Amy Leigh Watson (42)
    DH: Wesley Richard Watson (44)
    DD1: Autumn Elise Watson (16)
    DD2: Briana Leigh Watson (13)

    Gen. 3:
    DS1 of DD1: Harry Jude Larson (32)
    DW: Harriet Rosalie Larson (32)
    DD1: Emerson Rose Larson (7)

    DS2 of DD1: Finn Michael Larson (29)
    DW: Jennifer Katherine Larson (28)
    DS1: Brayden Vaughn Larson (5)
    DD1: Vivian Claire Larson (2)
    DD2: Vanessa Chloe Larson (2)

    DD1 of DD1: Catherine Kay Ryder (26)
    DH: Tristan Karl Ryder (27)
    DS1: Jackson Denver Ryder (3)

    DD1 of DD2: Hannah Kate Thompson (28)
    DH: Luke Oliver Thompson (29)
    DD1: Sydney McKenna Thompson (6)
    DS1: Nico Trent Thompson (4)
    DD2: Ruby Rose Thompson (1)

    DS1 of DD2: Vincent Zeke Thatcher (24)
    DW: Penny Dorothy Thatcher (23)
    DS1: Samson Daniel Thatcher (1)

    DS1 of DS1: Brandon Richard Hartley (25)
    DW: Cleo Rose Hartley (24)
    DS1: Hudson Martin Hartley (3)
    DD1: Locklyn Shay Hartley (nb)

    DD1 of DS2: Samantha Jean Zander (26)
    DH: Forrest Gregory Zander (28)
    DD1: Laurel Rae Zander (3)
    DD2: Raquel Louise Zander (3)

    DS1 of DS2: Cole Lester Hartley (26)
    DW: Ella Michelle Hartley (25)
    DS1: Kolton James Hartley (2)

    DD2 of DS2: Emma Marie Hartley (23)
    DS1: Travis Valentine Hartley (1)

    DD1 of DS3: Laura Olivia Hank (23)
    DH: Matthew Nicholas Hank (25)
    DS1: Toby Nicholas Hank (nb)

    DS1 of DS4: Vaughn Marcel Hartley (24)
    DW: Kendra Lorraine Olive Hartley (23)
    DD1: Skye McKenna Hartley (1)

    DS1 of DS5: Brady Riley Hartley (25)
    DW: Bonnie Meredith Hartley (26)
    DD1: Alyssa Kathryn Hartley (5)
    DS1: Caden Alistair Hartley (nb)

    DS2 of DS5: Hayden Kole Hartley (23)
    DW: Amelia Anne Hartley (23)
    DD1: Brooklyn Kate Hartley (nb)
    DS1: Christian July Hartley (nb)

    DD1 of DS5: Serena Rose Hartley (20)
    DD1: Willa Darrien Hartley (2)
    Abby|18|Writer|Competitive Dancer
    Sister to Leah Madeline '03 & Eliana Joy "Ellie" '07
    Cousin to Auden Mae '09 & Cora Rose '12

    My favorites...
    Sabrina Auli'i | Iris Michaela | Maeve Liliana
    Leo Damien | Cassian Micah | Torin Elliot

    On my mind...
    Kaia Zenobia | Kaia Magnolia | Kaia Eloise | Kaia Arden
    Mica/Micha ?


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    Gen. 1:
    DH: Graham Roderick Harding (75)
    DW: Marie Leonora Harding (72)
    DD1: Jane Harriet Harding (54)
    DD2: Della Rosalie Harding (52)
    DS1: Seth Emerson Harding (50)
    DS2: Paul Oliver Harding (50)
    DD3: Flora Reverie Harding (49)
    DS3: Nash Harrison Harding (48)
    DS4: Kieran Kingsley Harding (46)
    DS5: Oscar Leonard Harding (45)
    DD4: May Vivian Harding (45)
    DS6: Graham Lionel Harding (44)
    DD5: Vita Emily Harding (43)
    DD6: Ann Juliana Harding (43)
    DD7: Ada Lillian Harding (42)

    Gen 2:
    DD1: Jane Harriet Lewis (54)
    DH: Kenneth Marcus Lewis (55)
    DS1: Hamish James Lewis (32)
    DS2: Fergus Martin Lewis (29)
    DD1: Ciara Katherine Lewis (26)

    DD2: Della Rosalie Thomas (52)
    DH: John Jericho Thomas (56)
    DD1: Helena Kate Thomas (28)
    DS1: Vincent Zane Thomas (24)
    DD2: Katherine Louise Thomas (20)
    DD3: Margaret Lauren Thomas (16)

    DS1: Seth Emerson Harding (50)
    DW: Solveig Dagny Harding (49)
    DS1: Benton Rasmus Harding (25)
    DS2: Orson Lars Harding (22)

    DS2: Paul Oliver Harding (50)
    DW: Zelda Glynis Harding (51)
    DD1: Sidda June Harding (26)
    DS1: Caspian Lex Harding (26)
    DD2: Elspeth May Harding (23)
    DD3: Priya Quinn Harding (19)

    DD3: Flora Reverie Ingram (49)
    DH: Henry Charles Ingram (50)
    DS1: Oliver Kipling Ingram (22)
    DS2: Ronan Edward Ingram (18)
    DS3: Valentine Wallace Ingram (18)
    DD1: Lucinda Ruby Ingram (17)

    DS3: Nash Harrison Harding (48)
    DW: Maria Phoebe Harding (48)
    DD1: Luna Ophelie Harding (23)

    DS4: Kieran Kingsley Harding (46)
    DW: Hope Katherine Harding (48)
    DS1: Vaughan Miles Harding (24)
    DD1: Deirdre Alice Harding (23)
    DS2: Kingsley Francis Harding (19)
    DD2: Elowen Rose Harding (17)

    DS5: Oscar Leonard Harding (45)
    DW: Lily Kezia Harding (45)
    DS1: Byron Roman Harding (25)
    DS2: Henry Kenneth Harding (23)
    DD1: Sylvie Rosamund Harding (20)
    DS3: Layton Thomas Harding (18)
    DS4: Gregory Fintan Harding (16)
    DD2: Emery Fiona Harding (14)

    DD4: May Vivian Quincy (45)
    DH: Morris Matthew Quincy (46)
    DD1: Daria Sophie Quincy (22)
    DS1: Desmond Stephen Quincy (20)
    DD2: Leona Pauline Quincy (17)
    DD3: Phoebe Zinnia Quincy (14)

    DS6: Graham Lionel Harding (44)
    DW: Julia Grace Harding (44)
    DD1: Emilia Lucy Harding (21)

    DD5: Vita Emily Day (43)
    DH: Gregory Victor Day (45)
    DS1: Jolyon Kingsley Louis Day (19)

    DD6: Ann Juliana Novalis (43)
    DH: Sidney John Novalis (47)
    DD1: Oona Lily Novalis (13)
    DS1: Leo Oscar Novalis (10)

    DD7: Ada Lillian Wright (42)
    DH: William Redford Wright (44)
    DD1: Aviva Elise Wright (16)
    DD2: Briony Louise Wright (13)

    Gen. 3:
    DS1 of DD1: Hamish James Lewis (32)
    DW: Hanna Ruth Lewis (32)
    DD1: Etta Ruth Lewis (7)

    DS2 of DD1: Fergus Martin Lewis (29)
    DW: Junia Kathleen Lewis (28)
    DS1: Barnaby Vaughn Lewis (5)
    DD1: Vivian Charlotte Lewis (2)
    DD2: Valentine Claire Lewis (2)

    DD1 of DD1: Ciara Katherine Robertson (26)
    DH: Thomas Kyle Robertson (27)
    DS1: James Derry Robertson (3)

    DD1 of DD2: Helena Kate Thornton (28)
    DH: Lucius Osmond Thornton (29)
    DD1: Seraphina May Thornton (6)
    DS1: Nathaniel Tate Thornton (4)
    DD2: Reverie Rose Thornton (1)

    DS1 of DD2: Vincent Zane Thomas (24)
    DW: Poppy Daphne Thomas (23)
    DS1: Stellan Duke Thomas (1)

    DS1 of DS1: Benton Rasmus Harding (25)
    DW: Charlotte Ruby Harding (24)
    DS1: Holden Marius Harding (3)
    DD1: Lyra Solveig Harding (nb)

    DD1 of DS2: Sidda June Zirker (26)
    DH: Frederick Gray Zirker (28)
    DD1: Lilou Rhiannon Zirker (3)
    DD2: Romy Lucienne Zirker (3)

    DS1 of DS2: Caspian Lex Harding (26)
    DW: Eva Molly Harding (25)
    DS1: Kingsley James Harding (2)

    DD2 of DS2: Elspeth May Harding (23)
    DS1: Thomas Vincent Harding (1)

    DD1 of DS3: Luna Ophelie Hughes (23)
    DH: Malachi Nolan Hughes (25)
    DS1: Tate Nathaniel Hughes (nb)

    DS1 of DS4: Vaughan Miles Harding (24)
    DW: Kezia Lucy Opal Harding (23)
    DD1: Sela Martine Harding (1)

    DS1 of DS5: Byron Roman Harding (25)
    DW: Bridget Miranda Harding (26)
    DD1: Alma Katherine Harding (5)
    DS1: Charles Alistair Harding (nb)

    DS2 of DS5: Henry Kenneth Harding (23)
    DW: Alice Adeline Harding (23)
    DD1: Briony Katherine Harding (nb)
    DS1: Caspian James Harding (nb)

    DD1 of DS5: Sylvie Rosamund Harding (20)
    DD1: Wilhelmina Daisy Harding (2)

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    LN: Hill

    DH: George Robert Hill
    DW: Mary Lizbeth Hill
    - DD1: Juliet Helen Hill
    - DD2: Deborah Ruth Hill
    - DS1: Simon Edwin Hill
    - DS2: Paul Olivier Hill
    - DD3: Francesca Rose Hill
    - DS3: Nicholas Henry Hill
    - DS4: Kieran Kane Hill
    - DS5: Oscar Lee Hill
    - DD4: Megan Victoria Hill
    - DS6: Gregory Lucas Hill
    - DD5: Violet Elizabeth Hill
    - DD6: Alison Jennifer Hill
    - DD7: Amanda Louise Hill


    LN: Lowe

    DH: Keagan Mark Lowe
    DD1: Juliet Helen Lowe (Nee: Hill)
    - DS1: Harry Joseph Lowe
    - DS2: Flynn Marcus Lowe
    - DD1: Charlotte Kate Lowe


    LN: Thompson

    DH: Jonathan Joel Thompson
    DD2: Deborah Ruth Thompson (Nee: Hill)
    - DD1: Hayley Kirsten Thompson
    - DS1: Vaughn Zachary Thompson
    - DD2: Katie Laura Thompson
    - DD3: Megan Lucy Thompson


    LN: Hill

    DS1: Simon Edwin Hill
    DW: Susannah Deloris Hill (Nee: Waters)
    - DS1: Bradley Robert Hill
    - DS2: O’Donnell Lawrence Hill


    LN: Hill

    DS2: Paul Oliver Hill
    DW: Zara Grace Hill (Nee: Emlinton)
    - DD1: Sarah Jayne Hill
    - DS1: Christopher Lewis Hill
    - DD2: Emma Marie Hill
    - DD3: Pippa Quinelle Hill


    LN: Ingham

    DH: Howard Charles Ingham
    DD3: Francesca Rose Ingham (Nee: Hill)
    - DS1: Ogden Kenneth Ingham
    - DS2: Riley Ezra Ingham
    - DS3: Vito Wilfred Ingham
    - DD1: Lauren Rosie Ingham


    LN: Hill

    DS3: Nicholas Henry Hill
    DW: Margaret Penelope Hill
    - DD1: Lacey Olivia Hill


    LN: Hill

    DS4: Kieran Kane Hill
    DW: Hope Karen Hill
    - DS1: Vincento Marlon Hill
    - DD1: Daniella Alice Hill
    - DS2: Kaleb Felix Hill
    - DD2: Erin Rosalie Hill


    LN: Hill

    DS5: Oscar Lee Hill
    DW: Leanne Kirsty Hill
    - DS1: Benjamin Richard Hill
    - DS2: Harrison Kalvin Hill
    - DD1: Stephanie Rachel Hill
    - DS3: Liam Thomas Hill
    - DS4: Griffin Frederik Hill
    - DD2: Ella Felicity Hill


    LN: Quinn

    DH: Michael Martin Quinn
    DD4: Megan Victoria Quinn (Nee: Hill)
    - DD1: Dora Samantha Quinn
    - DS1: David Stephen Quinn
    - DD2: Lydia Polly Quinn
    - DD3: Poppy Zoelle Quinn


    LN: Hill

    DS6: Gregory Lucas Hill
    DW: Joanne Georgina Hill
    - DD1: Emily Leonie Hill


    LN: Davies

    DH: Gareth Vincent Davies
    DD5: Violet Elizabeth Davies
    - DS1: Jonah Kaden Laith Davies


    LN: Nolan

    DH: Scott James Nolan
    DD6: Alison Jennifer Nolan (Nee: Hill)
    - DD1: Orlah Lindsey Nolan
    - DS1: Lemuel Oakley Nolan


    LN: Williams

    DH: Wilson Richard Williams
    DD7: Amanda Louise Williams (Nee: Hill)
    - DD1: Arabella Eliza Williams
    - DD2: Beth Layla Williams

    Keagan & Juliet Lowe’s Family:

    LN: Lowe

    DS1: Harry Joseph Lowe
    DW: Hermione Rochelle Lowe (Nee: Nixon)
    - DD1: Esme Rochelle Lowe


    LN: Lowe

    DS2: Flynn Marcus Lowe
    DW: Jade Kristen Lowe (Nee: Helston)
    - DS1: Brandon Vincent Lowe
    - DD1: Vayda Clarissa Lowe
    - DD2: Vienna Charmaine Lowe


    LN: Roberts

    DH: Travis Keith Roberts
    DD1: Charlotte Kate Roberts (Nee: Lowe)
    - DS1: Joshua Daniel Roberts

    Jonathan & Deborah Thompson’s Family:

    LN: Taylor

    DH: Lachlan Orwin Taylor
    DD1: Hayley Kirsten Taylor (Nee: Thompson)
    - DD1: Sophie Madison Taylor
    - DS1: Nathaniel Teddy Taylor
    - DD2: Ryan Rufus Taylor


    LN: Thompson

    DS1: Vaughn Zachary Thompson
    DW: Phillipa Delilah Thompson (Nee: Simpson)
    - DS1: Savannah Delilah Thompson)

    Simon & Susannah Hill’s Family:

    LN: Hill

    DS1: Bradley Robert Hill
    DW: Clara Roxanne Hill (Nee: Norman)
    - DD1: Leah Suzanne Hill

    Paul & Zara Hill’s Family:

    LN: Zangroba

    DH: Fitzhugh Gideon Zangroba
    DD1: Sarah Jayne Zangroba (Nee: Hill)
    - DD1: Lola Rihannon Zangroba
    - DD2: Rebekah Lily Zangroba


    LN: Hill

    DS1: Christopher Lewis Hill
    DW: Emilia Magdelena Hill (Nee: Lewis)
    - DS1: Kale Josiah Hill


    LN: Hill

    DD2: Emma Marie Hill
    - DS1: Thackary Vinnie Hill

    Nicholas & Margaret Hill’s Family:

    LN: Hendley

    DH: Matthew Harold Hendley
    DD1: Lacey Olivia Hendley (Nee: Hill)
    - DS1: Theobold Nathan Hendley

    Kieran & Hope Hill’s Family:

    LN: Hill

    DS4: Vincento Marlon Hill
    DW: Katelyn Lara Orlaith Hill (Nee: Moores)
    - DD1: Sienna Molly Hill

    Oscar & Leanne Hill’s Family:

    LN: Hill

    DS1: Benjamin Richard Hill
    DW: Bridget Milena Hill (Nee: Goodson)
    - DD1: Amelia Kyla Hill
    - DS1: Cameron Archie Hill


    LN: Hill

    DS2: Harrison Kalvin Hill
    DW: Abigail Ava Hill
    - DD1: Bronwen Kimberley Hill
    - DS1: Callum Justin Hill


    LN: Hill

    DD1: Stephanie Rachel Hill
    - DD1: Willow Daisy Hill

    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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    Gen. 1:
    DH: George Rupert Hurley (75)
    DW: Mary Louise Hurley (72)
    DD1: Julia Harriet Hurley (54)
    DD2: Danielle Rebecca Hurley (52)
    DS1: Silas Elliot Hurley (50)
    DS2: Patrick Oliver Hurley (50)
    DD3: Fiona Rose Hurley (49)
    DS3: Nathaniel Henry Hurley (48)
    DS4: Kevin Keiran Hurley (46)
    DS5: Owen Louis Hurley (45)
    DD4: Mallory Victoria Hurley (45)
    DS6: Gerard Leo Hurley (44)
    DD5: Vera Elizabeth Hurley (43)
    DD6: Abigail Jane Hurley (43)
    DD7: Amy Laurel Hurley (42)

    Gen 2:
    DD1: Julia Harriet Lawson (54)
    DH: Keegan Michael Lawson (55)
    DS1: Henry Jeremiah Lawson (32)
    DS2: Frederick Milo Lawson (29)
    DD1: Charlotte Kiera Lawson (26)

    DD2: Danielle Rebecca Thacker (52)
    DH: Jeremy Joel Thacker (56)
    DD1: Hannah Kelsey Thacker (28)
    DS1: Vincent Zachary Thacker (24)
    DD2: Katherine Lilian Thacker (20)
    DD3: Madeline Leona Thacker (16)

    DS1: Silas Elliot Hurley (50)
    DW: Sarah Daphne Hurley (49)
    DS1: Benjamin Rupert Hurley (25)
    DS2: Olivia Louise Hurley (22)

    DS2: Patrick Oliver Hurley (50)
    DW: Zoe Giovanna Hurley (51)
    DD1: Sabrina Juliet Hurley (26)
    DS1: Calvin Lucas Hurley (26)
    DD2: Elizabeth Maria Hurley (23)
    DD3: Patricia Quinn Hurley (19)

    DD3: Fiona Rose Irving (49)
    DH: Hugh Christopher Irving (50)
    DS1: Oscar Kennedy Irving (22)
    DS2: Riley Emmett Irving (18)
    DS3: Victor Wesley Irving (18)
    DD1: Leah Rosalie Irving (17)

    DS3: Nathaniel Henry Hurley (48)
    DW: Margaret Paige Hurley (48)
    DD1: Lillian Octavia Hurley (23)

    DS4: Kevin Keith Hurley (46)
    DW: Halle Katrina Hurley (48)
    DS1: Viggo Matthew Hurley (24)
    DD1: Delaney Alexis Hurley (23)
    DS2: Keir Franklin Hurley (19)
    DD2: Eden Ramona Hurley (17)

    DS5: Owen Louis Hurley (45)
    DW: Lorelei Kaitlyn Hurley (45)
    DS1: Brennan Riley Hurley (25)
    DS2: Heath Kevin Hurley (23)
    DD1: Sadie Rachel Hurley (20)
    DS3: Liam Thomas Hurley (18)
    DS4: Gavin Francis Hurly (16)
    DD2: Etta Faith Hurley (14)

    DD4: Mallory Victoria Quade (45)
    DH: Miles Michael Quade (46)
    DD1: Delilah Scarlett Quade (22)
    DS1: Declan Silas Quade (20)
    DD2: Lucy Patricia Quade (17)
    DD3: Phoebe Zahara Quade (14)

    DS6: George Leo Hurley (44)
    DW: Jodi Grace Hurley (44)
    DD1: Emily Louise Hurley (21)

    DD5: Vera Elizabeth Donnelley (43)
    DH: Gregory Vincent Donnelley (45)
    DS1: Jacob Keegan Louis Donnelley (19)

    DD6: Abigail Jane Noland (43)
    DH: Shane Jeremy Noland (47)
    DD1: Olive Louisa Nolnd (13)
    DS1: Luke Otis Noland (10)

    DD7: Amy Laurel Westbrook (42)
    DH: William Ronald Westbrook (44)
    DD1: Amelia Elizabeth Westbrook (16)
    DD2: Blake Lincoln Westbrook (13)

    Gen. 3:
    DS1 of DD1: Henry Jeremiah Lawson (32)
    DW: Haley Rebecca Lawson (32)
    DD1: Eva Rosemarie Lawson (7)

    DS2 of DD1: Frederick Milo Lawson (29)
    DW: Johanna Katherine Lawson (28)
    DS1: Bryce Vincent Lawson (5)
    DD1: Valarie Christine Lawson (2)
    DD2: Vivian Cecelia Lawson (2)

    DD1 of DD1: Charlotte Keira Ragan (26)
    DH: Timothy Keith Ragan (27)
    DS1: John Dylan Ragan (3)

    DD1 of DD2: Hannah Kelsey Thompson (28)
    DH: Logan Oliver Thompson (29)
    DD1: Scarlett Maria Thompson (6)
    DS1: Noah Timothy Thompson (4)
    DD2: Rachel Ruth Thompson (1)

    DS1 of DD2: Vincent Zachary Thacker (24)
    DW: Phoebe Danielle Thacker (23)
    DS1: Sebastian Daniel Thacker (1)

    DS1 of DS1: Benjamin Rupert Hurley (25)
    DW: Caleb Ronald Hurley - (24)
    DS1: Holden Michael Hurley (3)
    DD1: Leona Seraphina Hurley (nb)

    DD1 of DS2: Sabrina Juliet Zano (26)
    DH: Felix Gregory Zano (28)
    DD1: Lydia Rachel Zano (3)
    DD2: Rebecca Lux Zano (3)

    DS1 of DS2: Calvin Lucas Hurley (26)
    DW: Erin Marie Hurley (25)
    DS1: Keira Justine Hurley (2)

    DD2 of DS2: Elizabeth Maria Hurley (23)
    DS1: Thomas Victor Hurley (1)

    DD1 of DS3: Lillian Octavia Howard (23)
    DH: Michael Nathaniel Howard (25)
    DS1: Tyler Nathaniel Hurley (nb)

    DS1 of DS4: Viggo Matthew Hurley (24)
    DW: Kate Louisa Olive Hurley (23)
    DD1: Susannah Michelle Hurley (1)

    DS1 of DS5: Brennan Riley Hurley (25)
    DW: Brianna Maria Hurley (26)
    DD1: Aria Katherine Hurley (5)
    DS1: Connor Alexander Hurley (nb)

    DS2 of DS5: Heath Kevin Hurley (23)
    DW: Ava Alexandra Hurley (23)
    DD1: Beatrice Katherine Hurley (nb)
    DS1: Cole Joseph Hurley (nb)

    DD1 of DS5: Sadie Rachael Hurley (20)
    DD1: Willa Danielle Hurley (2)

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