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    Getting back in shape after baby

    Looking for some advice & encouragement.

    With my first pregnancy I put on probably close to 30lbs. Most of it melted off during the first month or two but I lost it all and then some by the time Azula was 8 months, and then I got pregnant right away with Indira. In my second pregnancy I put on closer to 40lbs and am still carrying the majority of that now, 5 months later. I am quite short & have nowhere to hide these 20 or so lbs of extra weight so I am really feeling self-conscious about all my lumps & bumps. I am working 4 shifts a week serving at a very busy place, so I spend quite a bit of time on my feet carrying heavy plates etc, but this poundage is still not moving.

    Most of it is probably due to stress & exhaustion.

    I am going to try drinking more water, and eating slightly healthier (we eat mostly vegetarian/sometimes vegan but aren't very strict about it) and am thinking of buying a weighted hula hoop to work out with for 20-30m per day.
    I don't want to take any supplements or try anything drastic that could damage my milk supply. I nurse Indira exclusively - when I work I express milk for DH to give to her, and I still nurse Azula as well once or twice a day at least... more when she's feeling sick or whatever.

    Any ideas?
    Workouts that really worked for you?
    Ideas other than just hitting the gym?
    Music suggestions?
    How long did it take you to lose baby weight?

    I don't even know, we went to the beach today so I did the bathing suit thing & now I'm just feeling mopey this evening.

    Anyway, thanks.
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    I haven't had kids yet- however, what worked for my mum (and for me- I have been in a medical situation where I wasted nearly all my muscle, fat and a some bone away, so I really had to ease back into it. From being the girl with a six pack who did one arm chin ups to not being able to do a single press up or even stand up without assistance was a bit of a shock) was to ease really slowly back into it, working towards a goal. Don't be super strict with your diet: eat your fruit and vegies, but don't be obsessive and crazy about calorie intake or anything like that: your body knows exactly what it is doing, listen to it.

    My mum / me started with walking. However, if you are medically okay, start working towards some fitness goals: pushups (real pushups, one arm pushups, wide stance pushups, clapping pushups, etc.), sprints, etc. As a working mum, you are obviously very busy, but you really don't need a lot of time to work out successfully: a super intense (for you) 15 minute workout (5 minute warm up, 15 minute workout and 5 minute cool down- spend more time on your warm up and cool down if you can, but if not, this is fine). A HIIT style of workout, coupled with low impact cardio (taking your kids for a walk in the pram for 20 minutes or doing some light yoga when you get up / before bed) really does work wonders.

    Sample workout:

    20 Pushups (scale up or down depending upon your ability: you might start with 5-10, or even 1)
    10 Burpees (ditto)
    10 V-Snaps (ditto)
    2 rows of lunge walks (lap of your living room or wherever you are working out: the garden, etc.) (ditto)
    50 Air Squats (ditto)

    15 minutes, A.M.R.A.P (As many rounds as possible).

    Tabata workouts are also great if you are really time poor. Just push yourself as hard as YOU can. Just switch up the exercises, add weights (the heavier, the better- they will not make you bulky ), etc.

    Hula hooping is great- I am a circus performer and aerialist among other things, and while hooping is not my specialty (aerial silks and flying trapeze are), they are a lot of fun. The most important thing is to just have fun. I know from watching my mum (and my medical condition), that it is never fun to have to start from scratch again, and how yuck you feel when you first do the swimsuit thing (I had massive scars and broken blood vessels all over me, so go figure ). However, you have delivered a beautiful baby this year, and it will take time to heal (it takes two years for your hormone levels to restore to pre pregnancy levels.). Especially having two gorgeous babies back to back- you might want to get your cortisol and other hormones tested- my mum did, and she had some serious imbalances that needed addressing. The weight came off a lot easier once she did.

    Workout music wise, this is really cheesy, but I personally love listening to musicals (really spunky stuff), such as Chicago's 'Cell Block Tango' (I am doing an aerials routine to this), Moulin Rouge's 'El Tango de Roxanne' and big power / fun songs by Christina Aguilera ('Candyman', 'Lady Marmalade', etc.), Pink and Paloma Faith ('Can't Rely on You.'). Anything that you can't help but groove along to / makes you emotional (then you fuel that into the workout ).

    Also, Pranayam breathing exercises are wonderful- they really destress you, energise you and strengthen your lungs and stomach muscles. Tara Stiles has some lovely yoga routines on Youtube.

    Food wise, you sound like you are on the right track. Drinking enough water makes a huge difference, as your body will hold onto a lot of water weight if you don't drink enough.

    It took my mum about 6 months when I was born, and about a year with my sister (there was a massive age gap, she was running her own café and there 14 hour days until the birth, etc.= STRESS).

    I know I am no authority when it comes to bouncing back after children, but I thought I would just give my two cents. Have a great day .
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    Since I'm currently pregnant with baby number one I don't have any advice really. But I just wanted to say good luck and I know that you can do it!

    I currently do a pregnant lady workout and am enjoying it, I bet there are several 20 minute long workouts that you could do to help you, I use a Denise Austin one. And as for music use music that makes you happy!

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    I'm also pregnant with #1, but wanted to tell you good luck. I'll be in your shoes soon, as I've gained quite a bit with this baby (lumps, bumps, and stretch marks all over my body). Just remember that this too will pass... If it doesn't come off after a few more months and exercise, really do get your hormones checked. My SIL had a really severe hormone problem that needed fixing after her 1st...
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    Big, big fan of carb restriction. Even if you go zero carb all the way into frank ketosis it doesn't change the composition of your breastmilk and is safe for baby. You can't cheat, but if you adhere to it (esp if you can get into ketosis by really restricting) you'll go into fat-burning mode and the pounds will just melt off.

    I wish we all had time to really work out, but you know... babies. Can't just plop them in front of the TV while you take a leisurely 5 mile run anymore.
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