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    With Antoine and Cassia, I especially like Mireia, Noemie, Thea, and Evanthe.

    I like Alethea, but I would prefer Althea with Cassia. Somehow CASS-ee-ah and ah-LEE-thee-ah are more similar than CASS-ee-ah and al-THEE-ah.
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    Hmm. Finding a name that will hold its own/fit next to Antoine and Cassia is definitely challenging.

    Alethea - I like it, but I agree with the pp who said it's a little confusing because of Anthea/Althea.
    Aquila - Reeeeally like this one. The repeating first initial bothers me a little, but that aside, I think Aquila is closest to the sort of almost-exotic, ancient, quiet wisdom that Antoine and Cassia have going on.
    Aurea / Auriel / Aurielle - When I look at Aurea, all I can see is areola. I don't have that problem with Auriel/Aurielle, but I'm still just lukewarm about all three names.
    Chrysanthe - I like it, but it's a little weirder than Antoine and Cassia. And kind of aggressively Greek.
    Elodie - This one feels too normal next to Antoine and Cassia, plus you don't sound as though you love it.
    Emmanuelle - Eh. I feel like I should really like this one for you, but I've never liked the combination of sounds. It makes me think of sheep bleating for some reason (religious connections, maybe? I don't know.)
    Evanthe - Has the right vibe, but looks like a feminization of Evan that's trying too hard, even though I'm aware of its history.
    Everild - Feels overly straightlaced and frumpy next to A & C.
    Ione - I think the vibe fits, but I have the same concerns as with Chrysanthe. Plus pronunciation issues.
    Jacinda - Feels fluffy and almost vapid beside Antoine and Cassia. I don't think it's grounded enough to hold its own against them at all. I like the sound, though.
    Lysandra - Ditto what Katie said. Also, the -sandra part adds an element of dated-ness.
    Marianthe - Intriguing and pretty, but once again significantly weirder than siblings' names.
    Melisande - Pretty much word for word what Katie said.
    Mireia - I love this name. Soooo fantastic. I can't tell whether it actually fits or I'm just biased, though. I'd like to think it actually fits.
    Nereida - Differing weirdness level again. I like it, though.
    Noemie - Yeah, I agree with pps. It'd be a lifetime of "Naomi?"
    Petra - Fits the ancient sagacity thing, and I adore it, but I think Katie's right that it's a little severe.
    Rosamond - Should fit, but it's much stuffier than the other two, and feels more Western European. Ends up clashing.
    Serena - I would love this for you if it wasn't the name of a Gossip Girl character/cheesy Pirates of the Caribbean mermaid/every fanfiction Mary Sue ever.
    Silvana - Is great. A little wilder than Antoine and Cassia, but I like that about it. It complements rather than clashes.
    Thea - I almost like it, but I agree that it's maybe too short, and it also doesn't have much of a spark. It's always felt like a wet blanket kind of name to me.

    You've made me want to go look at saints' names. Maybe I will! The only suggestions I can think of, off the top of my head, are Odette, Roxana, Sibylla/Sybilla/Sybella, and Thais/Thaisa, but I don't think the first three have any saint connections.
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    From your list the ones I think are the most useable are
    Alethea (I know of one), Serena, Thea, Petra, and Ione (I think if the actress Ione Skye). My favorite is Ione and then Serena.

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    Alethea - I'm kind of "eh" about this name, but I do like it more than just Thea, and I love the meaning.
    Aquila - Pretty, but maybe a bit too unusual for a first name.
    Aurea / Auriel / Aurielle - None of these are as pretty as Aurelia, unfortunately, and I think they would be confused with all the Arias and Ariels out there.
    Chrysanthe - Love it, but it's definitely a bold choice. Also, a tad similar in sound to Cassia with the hard "c" and "s" sounds.
    Elodie - Goes wonderfully with the sibset!
    Emmanuelle - Love, love, love! But didn't you mention once that you didn't want to use it because your husband once dated an Emmanuelle?
    Evanthe - Out of the -the names on your list, I think this is probably the most familiar and usable, and I think it goes well with Antoine and Cassia.
    Everild - Although I know it's a legitimate name of a saint, it seems more like the kind of name you'd find in a fantasy novel, rather than real life. (Also, I it looks so masculine to me for some reason, even though it know it's a girl's name.)
    Ione - If you pronounce it with an "Ee" sound at the beginning, it's kind of pretty, but I tend to dislike the "Eye" sound in general.
    Jacinda - It's not a personal favorite of mine, but I do like how Jacinda and Cassia both have a bit of a botanical connection (hyacinth and cinnamon) without being obvious.
    Lysandra - Liss-sandra is pretty. I'm not fond of Lye-sandra.
    Marianthe - Oo, this is a new one! I like it, but I don't think it's very usable in real life. It's bit too unusual. Just Marian would be lovely, though!
    Melisande - Another one of my personal favorites! I think it goes well with the sibset, but I go back and forth on whether it works as a first name in real life. (It's more middle name material for me, personally.)
    Mireia - Gorgeous, but tough to pronounce. Also, though it sounds different, visually it shares an -ia ending with Cassia.
    Nereida - I'm not a fan. It's a bit much for RL.
    Noemie - Love this with the sibset!
    Petra - Also goes well with the sibset, although perhaps a bit plain.
    Rosamond - Although the meaning of Rosamond has nothing to do with roses, it still feels a bit botanical due to the beginning, so I like that pseudo-connection with Cassia. Goes really well with the sibling names.
    Serena - Love this name! It's a bit more popular than your other choices, yet I can see it working with the sibset.
    Silvana - I totally agree with truenature's description. Silvana would be my favorite choice for you as well. It's familiar, but with an exotic twist, like Antoine and Cassia.
    Thea - Would make a sweet nickname for Alethea or any of the -the names, but I'm not a huge fan of it on it's own.

    Favorites that are usable: Silvana, Emmanuelle, Noemie, Serena, Rosamond, Elodie, Evanthe

    Love, but maybe not so usable: Melisande, Chrysanthe, Aquila, Lysandra (Liss-version), Marianthe, Mireia

    Usable, but a bit underwhelming: Petra, Jacinda, Alethea/Thea, Aurea / Auriel / Aurielle

    Not a personal fan: Nereida, Everild, Ione
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    Thank you all so much. Just curious, is Mireya more usable than Mireia? I think the Catalan version looks sleeker but the pronunciation for Mireya is more obvious (and avoids the -ia ending with Cassia).
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