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    Opinions on Our Narrowed List (Suggestions Welcome, Too!)

    I am having my second baby girl, little sister to my daughter Ellison (Ellie) Poe and son Ozias (Ozzie) Twain. I'm one of those people who can't name my babes till they're in my arms, so I'm not looking to find "the ONE" name right now, but would love to hear opinions on the list so far - What are your favs? What works with sibling's names? Suggestions for other names that maybe we haven't considered? So, list as of now, as well as some comments on what I'm thinking:

    Scout - (This is one of my favs, but hubby's not a huge fan)

    Tallulah (nn Lulu)


    Emory (Emmie) - I feel like Emmie as a nickname is too popular since, like my daughter's nn Ellie, people use it to shorten a variety of names.

    Everly (Evie) - I'm also a bit concerned about using another 'E' name as I plan on at least one more child and I'm worried that then I'll have two girls with an 'e' name but don't want to use another (my son, Ozzie, passed away from SIDS, so while I have a child without an 'E' first name, he is no longer with us).

    Poppy - My hubby and I both really like this, but I don't want to use Penelope and am not sure that Poppy on it's own is appropriate.

    My hubby and I have fairly different naming styles, but he is very easygoing about me using whatever I really like. Middle name will be an author last name, which is undecided at this point and will depend on what first name I end up using. TIA for all opinions and/or suggestions!

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    Im so sorry to hear of the passing of your sweet boy- My heart goes out to you..
    I love your names! We have the same naming style for sure!
    A few of your names were also on my list for my granddaughter!
    I love them in this order (so glad you didnt ask us to pick just one favorite)
    Emory---this one is last becasue as it was laso on our list, my daughter is a tracher and a girl in her class was Emory and she said it always sounde like she was trying to say Emily but had a speech impediment---so...

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    Scout - my daughter's name. Great for an outdoorsy child that loves spending hours searching for bugs and shells.

    Tallulah - very girly, but I like it. Lulu is adorable.

    Maisie - really cute and old fashioned.

    Emory- I knew a boy called this, but don't care for it.

    Everly- strongly prefer Ever.

    Poppy- Cute, but not my style.

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    Maisie [author surname] would be my pick, mostly because I'm completely in love with the book (and drastically different movie adaptation) What Maisie Knew and I'm all for double literary names.

    I get your concerns about using another E name, and I'd definitely avoid that if you plan on having more kids (especially if you only plan on having one more kid.) I also think Emory and Everly are much trendier and less interesting than your other names.

    I also really like Tallulah-- it just oozes fun. Scout is nice, too (and yay, double literary names.) Poppy has always been NMS because it's just never felt like a name to me (and I don't like the sound) but if you and your husband both love it, that's definitely a huge point in its favor.
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    Scout - (This is one of my favs, but hubby's not a huge fan) :: I don't like this. I know a girl with this name, although she's nice (she's about 8). I don't like her name

    Tallulah (nn Lulu) :: Too nickname-y. I don't like Tallulah. I can't imagine a Tallulah on a grown woman

    Maisie - It's okay. Is it said MAY-zee or Macy? If its Macy, spell it Macy.

    Emory (Emmie) :: This is a boys name to me. I have it in my top names for boys. I cant see it on a girl

    Everly (Evie) :: I like Ever. Not Everly...

    Poppy :: It's just a flower and I hate the name. It's again, too much of a nickname
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