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    First name to go with middle name Caitlin


    My husband & I are expecting our first child, a girl. I had a very close loved one named Caitlin who passed away & we would like to honor her by using Caitlin as a middle name.We aren't using it as a first name because a) we think having her "own" first name will allow our daughter to have her own identity within the family & b) due to the many, many Caitlins born in the 90s- early 00s with many. many different spellings, the name now seems a bit dated even though it is a traditional Gaelic name. My loved one also continuously had her name spelled wrong, had people act like she spelled it strangely (despite the fact that Caitlin is, in fact, the original spelling), etc. I have always thought, however, that it is a beautiful name & I still do!

    We would like a first name that is fairly traditional/classic & not overly common (preferably nothing in the top 10-- my husband has a super common name for his age group & hated always having to use his last initial at school, camp, etc. ) but also not so unusual that most people haven't heard of it. Our favorites so far include Eliza Caitlin, Willa Caitlin & Bridget Caitlin. We also love Ella Caitlin but fear Ella might be too trendy at this point. Any thoughts, opinion & other suggestions would be most appreciated!

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    Traditional First Names
    Penelope Caitlin
    Francesca Caitlin
    Rose Caitlin
    Grace Caitlin
    Angelica Caitlin
    Dorothea Caitlin
    Maxine Caitlin
    Amity Caitlin
    Cordelia Caitlin
    Victoria Caitlin
    Odessa Caitlin
    Classic Nickname for first names
    Maisie Caitlin
    Daisy Caitlin
    Marnie Caitlin
    Elsie Caitlin
    Georgie Caitlin
    Annie Caitlin

    My favorite from your list is Eliza I just think it flows the best. In my opinion Ella is to popular and especially if you consider all the Isabelle's and Isabella's who share the sound and nn option

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    My favorites from your list are

    Eliza Caitlin
    Bridget Caitlin

    Just beautiful!

    You could also use..

    Emilia Caitlin
    Isla Caitlin
    Ivy Caitlin
    Louisa Caitlin
    Nora Caitlin
    Martha Caitlin
    Mary Caitlin

    Would love to hear what you decide on!
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Eliza Caitlin was actually my first thought! I really like it. A few other ideas:

    Georgia Caitlin
    Emilia Caitlin
    Zara Caitlin
    Louisa Caitlin
    Hazel Caitlin
    Natalie Caitlin
    Juliet Caitlin
    Imogen Caitlin
    Felicity Caitlin
    Genevieve Caitlin

    I really like Eliza Caitlin (or even Ella Caitlin!), though--I think I would just stick with that!

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