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    let's talk about Cassidy

    I have never met a boy Cassidy, but I love the name. But since I've never met one I can't really tell if its dated or unpopular or anything.

    What are your thoughts on Cassidy? What would you expect a Cassidy to be like or to look like?
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    Cassidy is pretty much a female name in North America. I remember a morning talk show host named Kathie Lee Gifford talk about her children Cody (male) and Cassidy (female) ad nauseum in the 90's so the name feels "dated" to that period in my mind. It's on par with names like Kennedy - trendy, multiple spellings and unappealing.
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    I also would consider it as a girl's name. It's not completely girly but I guess most people would consider it a girl's name.
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    I love it on a boy!!!
    I don't know anyone (male or female) named Cassidy, though.
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    I absolutely love Cassidy, it's a favorite. I like how it rolls off the tongue and how chilled out it sounds - much more laid back than Cassius or Cassian.

    It evokes some cowboy imagery for me, which I like, and I love nicknames Cass and Sid (and even Case and Casey).

    I've never met a Cassidy, but I'd imagine one to be funny and smart - cool but also genuine and caring.
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