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    He's so balanced and versatile in my opinion -- strong and energetic, yet gentle and mellow; whimsical and unexpected, yet reasonable and grounded; and archaic with a great history, yet is in tune with the modern. Such a well-rounded and handsome little chap.

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    Beckett, Arlo or Hugo

    Beckett sounds strong and fresh and that he would be a funny and intelligent guy.
    Arlo is short and simple - no need for frills
    Hugo makes me think of creativity and intelligence

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    Tobias. It seems so laid-back and serene, and gives me the image of soft golden yellows and pastel blues. It also makes me think of water - sailing boats in summer, calm lakes in late spring, the image of a little boy jumping across streams. My grandad was in the Navy and had an affinity to the water his entire life, so it holds special meaning to me that way. I just love it - it gives me a warm feeling whenever I think about it.
    Livia, nineteen.

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    Isaac Solomon


    I have always loved the name Solomon. It has meaning to it for me, personally.
    I have always liked Isaac and have recently come to love it. I think both names together flow well.
    I don't normally go much on the meaning of names, but I like the meaning of these together, Isaac means Laughter and Solomon means Peace.

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    casilda Guest
    I have two favorites right now, Linus and Ansel. Middle name would likely be Frederick (explanation below).

    Linus - I love that it's so unusual. It's also one of the first names SO suggested. A long time favorite of mine was Lucas and Linus is the perfect replacement for it.
    Ansel - A fun way to honor my grandpa, Richard. He loved Ansel Adams pictures. Since SO and I are already planning on using Frederick to honor his dad, I thought Ansel would be a great way to avoid having another "rick" name.

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