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    Name for our baby boy!

    My husband and I are having trouble deciding on a name for our little man (due any day now!) we have narrowed it down to...

    Adam Gregory
    Charles Gregory
    Charles Robert
    David Alexander

    (Gregory is my husbands name and Robert would be after my grandpa) We like the traditional and timeless names.

    Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!

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    Charles Robert is perfect but (Charles Gregory would be nice too)

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    Warmest congratulations @meersch4,

    Genuinely sharing your joy!

    Gregory Alexander is my favorite pairing of the names on your list.

    To me, it's interesting and substantial.

    Baby Boy would go by Xander?
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    My favorite is Charles Robert. I love Charles.
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    I love Adam Gregory
    #1 due April 2017
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