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    Thoughts on Rafe

    Someone on another board suggested Rafe and it's thrown us a bit cause we really like it. Thoughts? Does anyone know any Rafe's in real life?

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    I do not know any and do not like it honestly. It sounds too much like rape and rave when I say it

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    I love the name Rafe! It's the name of my cousin's son, and I think it's a perfect balance of roguishness and class. I prefer it with the full name of Rafferty or Raphael however, simply because they offer an alternative to yelling Rafe at the playground; in any other situation I think Rafe is fine on it's own.
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    This is probably an accent thing, but Rafe sounds too much like "rape" for my liking.

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    I think it's very handsome! However, the rape thing bothers me.

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