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    Greyson is how I prefer it spelled. I've never understood why Americas insist on an "a" in grey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I prefer Grayson to Greyson but I think it’s because I spell the color gray not grey. (Yay, America). I think if I lived somewhere else I might choose Greyson over Grayson as it would be easier for non-American english speakers to assume correctly. Though both are really equally dashing.
    See, I'n the opposite. I prefer Grayson because as a Brit I spell the colour grey not gray. Spelling it Grayson makes it less of a colour and more of a name to me. Also, the rhyming Jason and Mason have the A rather than the E, so it feels more consistent with them as well.

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    I'm pretty sure the spelling is to do with spelling it more phonetically. In the USA Grey tends to be pronounced /grā/ rather than /greɪ/. Anyway, I prefer Grey, as I'm not a huge fan on -son names as first names, but of the two Greyson is my preferred. It really is how you grow up spelling grey I think, to me gray just looks off, but I'm guessing the opposite is true for those in the US.
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    I'd choose Grayson. I spell the colour Grey so Grayson seems like more of a name for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by washingtonqueen View Post
    Greyson is how I prefer it spelled. I've never understood why Americas insist on an "a" in grey.
    America adopted "gray" before Britain adopted "grey". Before each place accepted one over the other, both spellings were used rather commonly, with grey being more dominant in the UK.

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    According to an interesting and authoritative note in the Oxford English Dictionary, the spelling "gray" was championed by Samuel Johnson, English writer and lexicographer and other English lexicographers; but in the twentieth century "grey" became the established spelling in Britain anyway.

    Meanwhile, in the United States, "gray" became standard somewhat earlier.
    Wikipedia says that in the US, "gray" has been the accepted spelling since about 1825. It wasn't until the second half of the twentieth century that "grey" became the only accepted spelling.

    I would spell it Grayson since "gray" makes more sense to me.

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