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    Question assistance please unique names

    i am interested in feedback name suggestions . . .

    between ahna vs anna such as is there a modern twist to either ?

    also what do you think of asmae ?

    thank you in advance

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    I personally think Anna is the nicest- to me, Ahna just looks made up. If you want it said ah-na, you could always spell it Ana, which is a legitimate name. I don't really feel like either of them have a modern twist, but Anna looks the most streamlined out of the two.

    Asmae- Sorry, but not a fan. I much prefer Esmé, in its original spelling- I think it is very elegant, familiar but underused.

    Hope that helped. Have a great day .
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    i do appreciate your response as I was wondering if anna is too common . . .

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    If you want unique, Anna is too common. It's one of the few truly timeless girls names.
    I adore Anna, but I steer clear of any top 100 names, so it's not going to happen.
    Ahna is a sweet pronunciation, but I would spell it Ana.

    Anna luckily has many variations! Anaïs and Anouk are my favourites.
    Anya, Anoush, Annika, Anette, and Anina are all still quite short.
    For more elaborate variants, there's Annabel/Annabelle, Anneliese, Annabeth, Annemarie, Annamaria, Annarose, Anoushka.
    There are also a lot of names ending in -anna, Roseanna would be my favourite.
    Other An-names unrelated to Anna would be Anona, Annora, Anthea, Anwen, Antonia, Annecy and Anjou. I have a soft spot for Anwen myself. has a nice list of most of Anna's relations --> link

    Asmae made me think of Asthma which is unfortunate. Esme is still unusual although she is getting more attention. Names like Asmae/Esme:
    Alma / Alva / Alba (I like these for you!)
    Eimear (prn. EE-mur)

    I think the perfect middle ground between Asmae/Esme and Anna for you would be Anaïs. French, uncommon, not really on anybody's radar and absolutely gorgeous! I love Anaïs, so I'm possibly a bit biased Alternative could be Alaïs, an old French variant of Alice.
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    I like the pronounciation, but not necessarily the spelling.

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