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Thread: CAF with Rules

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    CAF with Rules

    There is an option for a straight or gay couple:

    DW/DH: For DW FN must be a name used at least once by English royalty over the past 200 years and MN must contain 5 letters and begin with a vowel/For DH FN must be the surname of an American president and MN must contain five letters and begin with a consonant
    DW/DH: For DW FN must be a name commonly used in Ireland for girls and MN must be from a Shakespearian play/For DH FN must begin with R and MN must be from Greek mythology

    DD: FN is one of your favorite names for a girl and MN is a flower name
    DS/DD: FN is classic but not outdated and MN is one syllable/FN is a trendy name and MN is the name of a European country
    DD: FN contains a double L and MN is a princess name
    DS: FN has a strong meaning and MN is a surname name
    DS: FN is after a popular modern author and MN is clunky
    DD/DD/DD: FN is classic with a twist and MN has a strong meaning/FN is off the grid and MN has four syllables/FN ends in LYN and MN has something to do with music

    Hope you enjoy!

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