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Thread: Mila or Everly?

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    Mila or Everly?

    Hi all, we have narrowed it down to two names for a girl, I'm having a hard time deciding.

    Mila Dawn Dore (pronounced door-ay)


    Everly Dawn Dore

    I my head I've preferred Mila, however our last name is mispronounced often and Id like a first name that is easy. I don't feel Everly would get mispronounced like Mila would. I think she'd end up as Myla Door.

    Also, any negative associations you can think if with initials?

    I love both names any input would be great! Thanks

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    My pick would be Mila.

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    With Dawn as her middle name, I like Everly best--Good luck!

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    Both Everly and Dawn are two of my favorite names and I think both of them paired together is really pretty.
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    Definitely Mila. I predict that Everly is going to sound horribly dated someday.
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