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    Inut names? I need ideas of those!

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    Hi, where I live there's a lot of influence from sanskrit/hindi and japanese.

    My fave (local) names are :

    Aksara - it means imperishable. It also means the alphabet in hindi.

    Girls :
    Nilam - it means jewel/sapphire
    Ranti - it means small branches
    Ayu - it means graceful beauty

    Boys :
    Bayu - it means the wind
    Narendra - it means a mighty man/leader of men

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    Inuit Names:
    Teagan Olivia, Emma Grace, Ava Noelle, Eden Aubrielle, Juliet Elise, and Wesley James

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    Loving all of these names so far! Thanks, everyone!

    jenna305 ~ Gorgeous. Ayele, Alora, Haranu, and Haruki caught my eye immediately! Manica is beautiful too -- it reminds me of the name Mandisa. I also really like the Inuit names you suggested.

    geeknamezyo ~ I absolutely love this list. Sunaina is lovely, and so are Ayura, Aziza, Djuna, Pania, Sidra, Mireia, Omaira, and Esmeray.

    ashleyjuliette ~ Fiora, Zandria, Sarai, Topaz, and Asha are stunning! I'm starting to like Gemini and Tavia, too.

    boyandgirl ~ Loving Moira, Mira, and Eilish from this list! Xanthe and Circe are beautiful favorites.

    princessariel ~ Definitely a fan of Siun, Apolline, Capucine, Corisande, Sephora, Parisa, and Mazarine.

    rabbitmom ~ I adore all of these names. Nilam is perfect!
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