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    List you and your spouse's names (they are your choice)
    Lia Francesca Hudson
    Theodore James "Theo" Hudson

    Your first birth occurs on a sunny day in the fall. You and your hubby are overjoyed!
    If you are playing this at night: You have a baby boy! FN is inspired by your name MN by husband's. William Theodore "Will"

    Your baby grows happy and beautiful for about a year when you discover you are pregnant again!
    If you have blue eyes: Boy! use your fathers name for inspiration
    Reginald Lester "Reggie"

    The kids are excited when you tell them you are going to move to Sweden for a year!
    On the plane you get very nauseous, which is odd because you've always been good at traveling. Soon you find out it was because you were pregnant for the third time!

    If you are a Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces: B/G twins!! Names of your maternal grandparents as firsts, middles are your choice.
    Charles Augustus "Charlie" + Betty Caroline

    All your kids have loved welcoming the babies in Sweden. They have all seemed to pick up the language(or accent) very quickly. They love trying to teach the new babies new words. You and your husband decide to not try for any more children, however fate had a different plan, as you found yourself pregnant again! You move back home and your husband gets a promotion! Things are certainly looking up for your family!

    You are folding laundry and watching the news when you go into labour, just as your water breaks the news announces a blinding blizzard on the horizon. Your husband rushes you and your little family to the hospital just as the flakes begin to fall. After many hours of painful labor you give birth to a baby boy! FN your Paternal Paternal Great Grandfather's name MN inspired by your Paternal Paternal Great Grandmother's name

    Earl Marcus

    List your Family
    Lia + Theo

    Wow, I really don't like these names but this was interesting.
    eva catherine ♡ fifteen
    genevieve lea juliette opal margaux amelie
    jack percy william ezra theodore louis

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    Electra Sen 'Ellie' and Arthur Gardener 'Art'

    DD: Artemis Elva 'Elf'

    B/G Twins: Wolfgang Arthur 'Wolfie' and Valentine Electra 'Nell'

    Move to Spain for a year.

    B/G twins: Peter Ishmael 'Iggy' and Kazue (kaz-oo-ay) Minerva 'Zoo'

    Quadruplets: Louise Pearl 'Early', Hiroto Kato 'Hiro', Yuki Kato, Edith Flora 'Edie'

    Electra Sen 'Ellie'
    Arthur Gardener 'Art'
    Artemis Elva 'Elf'
    Wolfgang Arthur 'Wolfie'
    Valentine Electra 'Nell'
    Peter Ishmael 'Iggy'
    Kazue Minerva 'Zoo'
    Louise Pearl 'Early'
    Hiroto Kato 'Hiro'
    Yuki Kato
    Edith Flora 'Edie'

    Ellie, Art, Elf, Wolfie, Nell, Iggy, Zoo, Early, Hiro, Yuki and Edie.
    Mary Lucienne / Esther Mirabelle / Camellia Edie / Raphaela Mercy / Anouk Evangeline / Francesca Seraphim / Josephine Dove / Ida Annabelle / Shalom Odelia / Bethlehem Dominica / Lydia Tibeldie / Susanna Daisy / Jane Bloom / Willa Jessamine
    Amias Gardener / Moses Bellamy / Caspian Matthias / George Pello / Bertie Psalm / Quiller Andrew / Ezekiel Callahan / Nathaniel Charles

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    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Rosamund Fawn ♥ Hester Myfanwy ♥ Bernadette Rose ♥ Olwen Scarlet ♥ Luna Serendipity :.
    .: Miriam Sunflower ♥ Freya Hero ♥ Alba Jessamine ♥ Keren Juliette ♥ Jillian Whisper :.

    Little gents
    .: Russell Theodore ♥ Deacon Jago ♥ Hamish Nathanael ♥ Digby Harrison ♥ Ulysses Otto :.
    .: Rudy Sebastian ♥ Jay Llewellyn ♥ Fraser Benedict ♥ Emerson Ivo ♥ Endymion Grey :.

    Currently pondering: Kenzo; Pascal; Edie; Mary-Pearl

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