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    I love Flynn, I don't think it has been Disneyfied personally.
    I find Disney creeping into my mind sometimes when I think of Ariel, but not enough to ruin the name for me. I absolutely prefer and love it as a boys name. Very handsome.
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    I think it was more ruined by Breaking Bad, for me.
    IMO Ariel is too strongly associated with Ariel Castro to use on a boy.
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    As a HUGE fan of Tangled, even I would say no it isn't. If someone named their son Flynn, I wouldn't automatically think "Oh, they must be Disney fans". I would, however, think that they were fans of awesome names! I love the name Flynn!
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    If I heard either Flynn or Ariel separately I would not think Disney right away (and we are big Disney fans) but hearing them together kind of screams Disney to me.

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    No definately not!
    My son is Flynn and I didn't even know anything about the character until my niece told me! No one other than her has ever said anything about the Disney film to me.
    I only ever Get compliments about the name Flynn.

    On another note. The name Thomas is in the top 10 or 20 across a lot of countries. To me it's thomas the tank.... But no one seems to care and there are loads of Thomas's out there!

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