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    Southern Names for a girl?

    So we have a bit of a name problem. Since DH and I first got serious, we had our girl name picked out. Avery Lynn was going to be her name. Avery is a name full of meaning for me, because it was my Papa's name who was a war hero and MY hero. However, I am apparently so vain that the popularity of the name Avery is starting to change my mind. I am not pregnant but I hope to be soon. Lynn is a family name so it must stay. To give you all a feel of DH and I, we are very southern and want a name that fits us. Maybe even names that are too "cutesy" for some people's taste. Here's what we have so far. Opinions would be very appreciated as well as suggestions!
    Avery Lynn (still on our list even though too popular)
    Daisy Lynn
    Tessie Lynn
    Clara Lynn (DH isn't fond of it but I am)
    Annabelle Lynn
    Isabelle Lynn (nn Izzy, this is DH's very favorite but again popularity concerns me)
    Sadie Lynn
    Amelia Lynn

    I know a lot of people will suggest Savannah but we have a few good friends named Savannah so that won't work. Thank you all in advance!!

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    I do like Avery's significance to you, though I'm personally not a fan of it. Might I suggest Aveline? It sort of encompasses both Avery and Lynn.

    I like Daisy best from your list.
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    Avery Lynn is great! I also love Sadie Lynn. How about

    Audrey Lynn
    Cora Lynn
    Margot Lynn
    Maggie Lynn
    Georgia Lynn
    Daphne Lynn
    Etta Lynn
    Lenora Lynn
    Susannah Lynn
    Fiona Lynn
    Naomi Lynn
    Phoebe Lynn
    Tessa Lynn (instead of Tessie)
    Eliza Lynn
    Greta Lynn
    Gemma Lynn
    Vera Lynn

    not southern necessarily, but maybe a few you like....
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    I love Avery, Daisy & Tessie.

    My favorite would probably be Avery. I think significance trumps popularity.

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