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    Down to the wire!

    Hi all! We're down to 4 weeks until the due date, and my husband and I can't officially settle on anything! Is that a problem? I think we're going to take a list of 100 names with us to the delivery room We don't know if we're having a boy or a girl - so we have names galore for each of them. I apologize for going over these names again - some of them now for the third time - with you all. I just never imagined it would be this hard to make a decision! I'll list our "short" list on both - kind of in order of how we're feeling right now. I've only listed them separately, so maybe listing the boys & girls together will help figure out what goes better with what for any future sibsets. TIA!

    • Henry Philip or Henry Alexander (nn Hank, I like Philip as a mn better, but our last name starts with a P, and the initials HAP are just too cute to me - we're also contemplating just Hank as the official name)
    • Enoch James (nn Nucky - my husband loves Boardwalk Empire - I think it's too much/too obvious of a connection)
    • Theodore Louis (nn Teddy)
    • Blaise Michael (doesn't seem to fit with the others, but it's my great-grandfather's name and hubby's mn)
    • Calvin James (hubby wants to call him CJ, and I don't like that, though I could get on board with Cal)
    • Felix Gerald (MN is after my grandfather)


    Thanks AGAIN for any input. Anyone else completely clueless at this stage in the game?

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    I will vote for my top three in each:

    1. Henry Alexander
    2. Theodore Louis
    3. Calvin James

    1. Margot Elise
    2. Lucy Margaret
    3. Betsy Anne (Betsy is currently growing on me)

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    I think these names would be my top three choices:

    1 Theodore Louis - two of my faves
    2 Henry Alexander - two classics
    3 Felix Gerald - a saintly twosome

    1 Margot Elise - Gallic perfection
    2 Lucy Margaret - I like this mix of spunk and tradition. Fiona Margaret would be lovely too.
    3 Dorothy Anne - two fine underused names in this modern time
    All the best,

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    It's okay to not be sure! You only get one chance at this after all. You'll probably be more certain about the name once you see your baby.

    My favourites for a boy:
    Henry Alexander (beautiful name, Henry is getting quite common though, I don't know if popularity is important to you)
    Theodore Louis (nn Teddy is so cute!)
    Felix Gerald (I have always loved the name Felix, lovely meaning and it's nice that you get to honour your grandfather)

    My favourites for a girl:
    Lucy Margaret
    Dorothy Anne
    Betsy Anne (very retro, it would be cute to see this name on a little girl)

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