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    I love xredd's suggestion of Claire Imogen. Everly and Claire make a wonderful sibling set.

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    I like Kirby. The video game is not super popular now, and I think it's fine to use. I went to high school with a girl Kirby. I like it better on a girl. I also went to high school with a female Darby. I graduated almost six years ago. Kirby Cinclaire is beautiful but I would consider Sinclaire. The KCK is too much for my liking. Kirby and Everly sound great together.

    I have never been a fan of Imogen. Sounds too similar to imagine. It also has an outdated feel to me.

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    I love the mn Sinclaire. Have never seen it spelled with a C, but it's a great name.

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    If I saw Kirby Cinclaire written out, I would have no idea whether it was a boy or girl. Imogen is much more memorable than the boyish Kirby. It also ends in an "n" and not the repetitive "ee" sound. Everly and Kirby are too matchy in sound so I vote for Imogen.
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    I prefer Imogen Cinclaire, but I do think Kirby is pretty cute. I just think of either the video game or the little cucumber used to make pickles.
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