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Thread: Violet

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    There are some very lovely names on these lists, thank you. And some are ones that I have on my list of other possibilities....
    Question number two - are there really that many little Violets out there? I have never met one but I am not really around little ones much. Just curious what others see out there. My sis has three kids and has never met a young Violet, but at number 65, there has to be plenty out there...

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    I have a 4yr old Violet. No other Violets at her kinda(pre school) and there are 2 groups of 4yrs and 2 groups of 3yrs. Haven't come across any Violets at my son's school or cub scout group - and I live in an area where there are lots of Finn, Milly, Harriet, Henry, Ruby, Charlotte, Lewis etc... which I consider a similar style. In 4 years I have overheard 3 mums (local shops and park) refer to their daughters (around the same age as my daughter) as Violet. I have met someone who has an 18yr old Violet, and a 70+ Violet in a nursing home. Also when I took my daughter for the first time to a local medical centre, the doctor commented he was expecting an elderly person from the name - so he obviously doesn't see many little ones!

    I'm in Australia by the way
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    I've only ever met one little girl named Violet, so while the numbers say there are plenty, the chances of another Violet being in her Kindergarten class are relatively slim.
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    I have also loved the name Violet my whole life, and totally irked by its huge popularity right now! I don't care though, if I have a girl I will name her Violet anyways bc I just cannot imagine loving any girls name as much as this one.

    Other names I love, and perhaps you might too are:
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