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    Talk Me Into... Olympia

    For those of you who love Olympia, please tell me why. I'm still undecided on it, and need a bit of persuasion. I love the mythological connection, but I'm also the least sporty person ever, and it's so reminiscent of Olympic and Olympiad. Would it just be really weird or am I overthinking this? (I have a feeling it's the latter :P)


    P.S. If you happen to also love Wolfgang, please comment:
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    Hey girl,

    Olympia is a fantastic name, and I don't think one has to be into sports to get on board with it. To me, it's bright, white, and sparkly. It was on NB's Badass Princess Names post, and I have to agree. It has the glamour and extravagance of a royal name with all the energy and familiarity of your everyday name (hello, Olivia). I picture A beautiful dark-haired girl in a white or pale blue Grecian gown, with gold bangles on her arms, but she's laughing heartily, and teasing the person next to her. If you're a sucker for nickname, like me, Olympia has no immediately intuitive options, that's true. However, if you dig a little bit, you'll find a gold mine of Ollie, Pippa, Polly, Mia, Pia. I feel that Olympia perfectly defies the frilliness of elaborate greek names, because it is long and regal but still sounds strong and me.
    If the name is associated with the Olympics, look at it this way: if she's into sports, that's awesome! Her name totally matches that. If she's not, she can choose to embrace other relations of the name, like Mount Olympus. Or she can just laugh when she reluctantly plays sports in phys ed and say "My name may be Olympia, but I'm no Olympic athlete!".

    So yeah. Those are my long, rambling thoughts.

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    I am an Olympia. May I just I really like it? I have always liked the connection to the. Olympic even though I am no professional. And to the Olympus. And to the Alexander the Great's mother. I suppose Angelina Jolie played her in one of the movies?
    Also, Olympia has a ton of great nicknames like Olya, Polly and Lee.
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    Sort of like what Larissa said, Olympia has everything I love about Olivia, but it's less ubiquitous and feels stronger (thanks, olympics.) And I agree about the great nicknames. To me, Olympia feels like the name of a bold, fun, and very capable person.
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    Olympia is my mother's middle name as well as my daughter's middle name. My mother was born in 1972 in Germany during the opening ceremony of the Munich Olympics so the name has significant meaning for my family. It has a variety of nickname options that will fit any little girl's personality. I honestly love the association with the Olympics and the mythological associations. I think it is a great underused name.
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