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    Lightbulb Baby Boy #3's name will be.... Need your opinion!!

    I am due with our 3rd son in a month and a half and we think we know what we want to name our son, but don't know what kind of reaction it is going to get from some friends and family members!
    Son #1 is Noah Jonathan (Jonathan is DH's name)
    Son #2 is Henry Joseph (Henry is a family name)
    Thinking about Ezra Jack for #3 (Jack is a family name).

    Everything that I've seen indicates that Ezra could become a lot more popular than it is right now, and we like the name, I just don't know what people think of it now.

    Opinions? If you hate it, do you have any suggestions that seem to go with our first two choices? Thanks so much!!!

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    I like Ezra - something about it sounds kind of like a girls name to me, although I know it's not! I think I prefer Ezekiel Jack though!

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    I like it.

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    I love, love, love Ezra! Ezra Jack is a great combo and I think it fits in nicely with your other names.

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    Love Ezra, Jack is fine.

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