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    Thanks so much for your responses!

    lovemysweeties - My favorite of your suggestions is Vivienne. I've always been a sucker for it, especially with this spelling. Not sure how I feel about pairing it with Snow, however. They have opposite vibes to me, as Vivienne is a very golden, Leonine, fiery name. I know...I'm weird...

    ashleyjuliette - Thank you for all the suggestions! I like Arabella, Deirdre, Ilaria, and Tatiana the best. I really want to love the name Amelia because of Amelia Pond (and The Doctor's quote about what a fairytale name it is) but I can't shake the Amelia Bedelia association. It's a shame, because Amelia Snow has a beautiful flow about it.

    Gwen - Isadora, Lavinia, Rhiannon, and Thalia are my favorite suggestions for firsts. Delia instead of Cordelia is a smart idea, but then we lose the oceanic meaning and the Joss Whedon reference. You're right, Snow in the first name spot is so much harder! I think Snow Amoret is absolutely divine, but I'm not sure I can get my husband on board with it. He tends to veto things that he can't pronounce on sight.

    uniquenamelover - We seem to have similar taste! I love Ophelia's very tempting to consider altering my Ophelia combo now. If Eve wasn't already on my list, Genevieve and Evelyn would be top contenders as well. Isadora, Arabella, and Rosalind are also lovely, but I think my favorite is Juliet Snow. Delicate, feminine, magical, romantic, yet not over the top. Great suggestion!

    Keep the lovely ideas coming, Berries ^_^ I'd be interested to see some more combos with Snow as the first name.
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    I REALLY like your combo of Clara Snow! That's my favorite that's been listed so far! I decided since everyone was using it as a mn I would give some Snow as a first name suggestions... I feel like she should have a longer middle name with Snow being so short. So here's my ideas! Hope you like some! (:

    Snow Alexandra
    Snow Evangeline
    Snow Isabella
    Snow Emmanuelle
    Snow Valentina
    Snow Violetta
    Snow Juliette
    (I think the extra "te" looks pretty as a middle name.
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    I really love Soraya Snow. I saw Madeleine Snow and I think that is beautiful too.
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    Snow is so beautiful! I really like how you describe it.
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    Ramona Snow
    Aveline Snow
    Pandora Snow
    Annabeth Snow
    Gwendolen Snow
    Arianwen Snow

    I really love Cordelia Snow but if you wouldn't like another C name, maybe Adelia/Adelina Snow?

    Snow Vespertine
    Snow Valentine
    Snow Talulah(it's a bit much with snow plus waters but the sound is lovely)
    Snow Mirabelle
    Snow Elowen
    Snow Tamsin/Thomasina
    Snow Guinevere

    I especially like snow with Welsh names but since the "wen" part means "white", it makes the meaning of "white snow". Or maybe Snow White? By the way, she is my favorite Dismey princess so definitely a lovely association for me.

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