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Thread: Herbert?

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    What do you think of the name Herbert? Hideous or Acceptable?

    My DH and I have one son Felix James, whose middle name, James, is because of my mothers grandfather and DH's father and grandfather and Felix because we loved it

    I am currently pregnant with twin boys and are planning on naming them Quentin and Caspar. We want Caspar's middle name to be Edward after DH's Grandfather (plus then he can be Caspar Bear which goes with Felix NN Fox). We were also planning on having Quentin's MN be Herbert however most people think it is a hideous name and we don't want our boy to be teased because of it. We like Herbert mostly because it has been in my family for the last hundred years, my brother is the fifth generation with either middle or first name as Herbert and we like that connection.

    So what do you think, Herbert or no?

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    I think it's just fine in the middle! That's the perfect place for an honor name that doesn't wear so well in popular culture. With a strong first name like Quentin, I don't think he'll have any issues. If he does, you can teach him to say with pride that it's a family name. QH are pretty awesome initials. If he likes, he can always just use "H" on his documents when he gets older!
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    My dad's middle name is Herbert. When my mother got engaged to him her sister asked out of curiosity what his middle name was. When my mother said Herbert her sister laughed and said, "No, what is it really?" To be honest I think my dad's name is terrible, the first name and the middle name.

    However, it is a family name for him, and I don't think it has ever bothered him in the slightest. I also don't think he ever got any hassle for it, other than light-hearted teasing from family and close friends. I don't think it's very likely anybody would get teased much or at all for their middle name from peers, because if you don't want people to know it, it's quite easy to hide. Professionally he just goes by first name and last name.
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    Herbert was a family name on my father's side of the family too. Every first born son was named Herbert Charles- thankfully my Grandmother broke the trend with my Dad otherwise my poor brother would be Herbie. I'm really not a fan of Herbert, I think it's a really unflattering name and is not a strong and masculine name like Thomas, David and John all are. However, as it would be going in a middle spot, it's not as bad.

    As a side note, you mentioned that your brother has the name Herbert too, does he want to carry on the tradition as it's part of his name, or doesn't he mind?
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    Thanks everyone, that's what I think about Herbert, that in won't be a big deal how "ugly" it is a name if it is in the middle, however DH is much more worried about acceptance...

    @sunkissedchild - that is part of the reason why I want Herbert, my brothers children are all older (10+) and he has said that he doesn't want to use Herbert (I think due to teasing as a kid). I wanted to carry on the tradition.

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