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    Willow immediately stands out from you list as the best name in my opinion. Olive is nice too, but I'm not overly fond of it myself. I quite like Indie, and Indianna I quite like spelled Indiana (you might like Indigo too, nickname Indie?). Harlowe, again while I'm not too keen myself, I can see the appeal in too, though I do prefer it as Harlow (you might also like Marlowe).

    Sonette would be quite nice as Sonnet, with the poetry association. Wren (without the added -nyn) would be lovely too.

    Just a thought, but I think it might be good too to use a name that doesn't have a Y in it, as it might be a bit much with both Anthym and Gracelyn.

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    Thoughts on how many middle names to use? If the first child has 2, should the second as well?

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    Agree that Sonnet would be great, if spelled this way. That would probably be my pick.
    Indie is wonderful, but I prefer it as a nn for Indira.
    Wren is also a great name. Not a fan of Wrennyn, at all.
    Olive is just kind of meh and doesn't work with Anthym, imo.
    With these names as is, Willow would be my pick.
    Harlowe is ok, but prefer some of your others.
    Same with Navy.

    So my pick is Anthym Gracelyn Adora and Sonnet/Willow Providence Ruth!
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    Thanks! This is all really helpful.

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    From your list I like Sonnet (spelled like this) best.

    How about Sonnet Galilee Providence?

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