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    I will second the idea of Thor and suggest:

    Pax (it means peace but it has a manliness about it that I think he's looking for)

    Vladimir nn Vlad (it's a big name but with a warrior feel-think Vlad the impaler-and has modern connections aka Vladimir Putin)

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    I know some others mentioned names like Leander, Evander, and (maybe someone mentioned) Lysander. You have the potential for the Anders nickname, which I think is cute. Problems: there is a Lysander, NY, a Leander, TX, and an Evander, Mpumalanga. Other ideas (sorry for repeats):

    Orion nn Ori, Rion/Ryan
    Auberon/Oberon nn Roni, Obi
    Leonidas nn Leon, Leo (also a place name)
    Triton (also a place name)

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    Am I've only one really put off by his attitude? OP if I were you I'd be taking him to task for making this so impossible for you. Can you convince him to make his own suggestions or do some research? What if you set a date closer to your due date where he has to get serious about this process? Maybe it's hard for him to take this seriously when it's still relatively far in the future.

    Either way, expecting you to spout off lists of literally hundreds of names without giving you a single clue as to what he's thinking is weird. Has he explained why he's acting this way?

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    @spring13 I did bring that up to him and he said that he feels like he isn't as capable of finding names as I am. I feel like he may have been trying to stroke my ego a bit. But I told him that not giving input in no longer acceptable. We will see how he improves when I return home from drill and bring up the latest list.
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    My husband had similar requests for our son's name. Something strong and warrior-like (in his mind, at least). He was a bit easier though, I gave him a list of 10 names or so that I thought fit his style and that I liked as well and we worked our way from there.
    Some names that we considered were Kormak (the Scandinavian spelling, supposedly), Killian, Arlo, Frederick, Reginald, Rufus, Leif, Callahan, Kai, Klaus and Hugo. We went with Konrad Wolfgang. I'll also throw in a vote for Roman, my nephew's name. His brother's are Nell0 and Brun0.
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