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Thread: Nameberry memes

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    @-eagleeyes- and @namelover11 it's obvious the quiz wasn't made by a name lover lmao at least they could avoid top 50

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    Behçet Giray | Çağrı Aslan | Dalokai Vusta
    Ender Ayas | Erem Talu | Kayra Suavi
    Sudeka Ardow | Zağnos Evren
    Halil | Iklil | Michil | Ukhuvan
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    italics are honor names

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    Me: Perhaps I shouldn't post in the "Rate my Signature " thread because I don't have the time to write an in-depth, comprehensive analysis on a list with 100 names I can't pronounce
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    Being virtually absent from NB for a while, then not being sure if I'm thrilled or overwhelmed that there are 70 pages worth of posts in "Names on NB that make you go WOW" for me to read through.

    Bonus round: when I realize it never occurred to me not to go back and reread all of those posts at some point.
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    Trying out...
    Ismay Briar/Aelwyd Wildrose/Nora Siskin/Leonora Birdsong/Silvana Tearose

    Willa Moonstone or Willa Gray?

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    *Goes to add Honey Tallulah to my signature*
    *Imagines the scathing opinions I'd get from other nameberries for liking the name Honey*
    *backs away from the computer*
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    @lara88 Oh I love Honey! I'd use it as a middle name but most people do hate it, which is a shame. I think we all have that one name that we love and almost everyone else hates haha
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